The Top Internet Dangers for Kid

Kaspersky Lab analyzed the statistics generated by its Parental Control component worldwide for the last six months - Parental Control component is a feature in Kaspersky Lab’s products activated by parents.

Parents can choose which of the 14 website categories they want to make unavailable to their children.

Data received from Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) show that alerts from the Parental Control component are triggered most frequently by the ‘Pornography, erotic materials’, ‘Social networks’ and ‘Illegal software’ categories. Globally, those three lead the other categories by a wide margin. There are 60 million attempts to access sites with pornographic content every month, which is almost four times more than the second place category. The alerts generated by Kaspersky Lab’s Parental Control component demonstrate that children are either deliberately or unwittingly visiting sites with undesirable content.

  • Hacking and underground software - UK was having relatively high percentage comparing to other countries.
  • Gambling - US and the UK were having relatively high percentage comparing to other countries.
  • Pornography - Germany was the absolute leader comparing to other countries
  • Social networks - Brazil recorded highest percentage for this category comparing to itself.

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