Blogging On Through 2012 and Beyond

There is always this revelation when I attended some events such as "they invited bloggers too?"

Ya. We got invited.

And my thoughts are these.

First of all, blog has been around way back since 2000.

I would say that blog shouldn't be part of mainstream media, it should be under social media. Also I think that bloggers don't want to be part of mainstream media because we wouldn't want to be involved with licensing constraint and red tapes. Whatever bloggers mention should be something unbiased with a bit focus on personal experiences.

Also let's not forget that enterprises can setup their own blogs which as the matter of fact, most already do. Even mainstream medias like WSJ have blogs.

And how about AllThingsD ? It is a blog fundamentally and Walter Mossberg once said that bloggers are journalists. And how about politicians and etc?

Ok I guess sometimes it ain't fair for people who didn't study journalism to be considered journalists just because they do blogging stuffs.

However, the whole media industry is actually still evolving and we are not sure how it will end up. Truth to the matter is it hasn't stopped evolving since the birth of Internet and search engines.

So, I would say that people like Google, Facebook, Twitter are the main stewards of the media industry, not bloggers and printers.

What is most important is mainstream media, social media and alternative media should represent third party opinions as much as possible and for this reason, social media would do it better because it is more personal-oriented and less business driven. How's that ??

At the end of the day, if we are talking about having big data, social media matters. It is absolute meaningless to talk about big data while trying to sideline social media for information.

Like it or not, the world has to move forward. Technology has to penetrate deeper into our daily lives. Big enterprises like IBM, Fujitsu, BMW and etc are clearly moving along this path of having technology co-exists in harmony with people. IBM calls it Smarter Planet, Fujitsu calls it Human-Centric-Intelligent-Society while BMW calls it ConnectedDrive.

As a result, some people will have to adopt new lifestyles and change job. But how about let's just say that venturing out-of-space is more excited than making a living - in the long run ?

Civilization has to move forward.