Interviews with Malaysian Youtubers

As the IT world expands itself rapidly, it has managed to change entertainment and also create a new media landscape in the digital world. By just keying in key words, all kinds of information, images and videos can be found online on all sorts of platforms.

These days, cinema operators and film makers are also finding it challenging with the emergence of YouTube, whilst conventional print publications are fighting to stay ahead in news reporting with online media. It has also changed many individuals’ lives as they learn to fully utilise these modern IT tools available to them as their means to communicate to an audience out there. These individuals whom are called YouTubers, have also managed to make a career out of this new platform with a steady following of fans.

  • Founded by Roy Ajong and Jared Lee
  • It all started with the love of transforming imagination into film
  • Top 10 finalist of BMW Shorties 2011 (The Long Distance Relationship). Invited to screen 'The Long Distance Relationship' at Germany's 58th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen.

  • A graduate in graphic designs and multimedia from the Universiti of Teknologi Mara.
  • Began uploading videos on YouTube since 2006, developed KYO propanganda later in 2010.
  • Was the first YouTuber to attain a partnership from official youtube.
  • He started from scratch and didn’t even have a camera when he began. He then I borrowed a DSLR camera from friends and began his filming journey
  • Produces Youtube commercial videos, parodies and viral videos, music video, event videos and campaign videos.
  • PRO 10. I'm more into PARODY style because most of Malaysian youtuber are into vlogging and there was no Malaysian Parody Youtuber when I started

  • Malaysian kid who is passionate about film making
  • Produces Youtube short films with a variety of themes

  • An avid YouTuber,
  • Keen on trying new things
  • Also has a band called Skyward.

  • Take thoughts and turn it into YouTube videos
  • Develop Youtube videos highly relevant to lifestyle and current happenings.

Q & A:

1. Reason to be a Youtuber ?

a. what is the fun/potential do you see in “Youtube market”?
b. what makes you became a “youtuber” ?

Grim – Jared : The “Long” hit 406,722views – feel happy – also a reason & force for them to be a “youtuber”. Since young like to make story out from toys, talking & fighting each other; now I write them on paper. But to write a book – longer time & process – filming is faster and more fun.

JG- Germani: like to share and act. Wish to be actor if possible, but currently there is no invitation from production house…

2. Youtube Market & audience

a. What is the potential you see in the “youtube market”? (could be commercial/ personal/ emotional…) whoever like to watch our video – through the comment, knows viewers are abroad – feel happy & proud
b. Do you cross over with other “youtuber”’s video? Yes. Sometimes they act in each other video – there was a collaboration with other Youtubers, namely “OMG (On Malaysia Grounds)”

3. Business Aspect

a. Where do you get the production cost? Not cost, volunteer actors. Sometime approach strangers if they willing to cast in their video – the respond is good – some drop them message to hbe volunteer. – base on the story to look for shooting venue – sponsor. – with basic shooting equipment.

Dan: good to start from less resources – learn the hard way to make things done – so they appreciate when things grow later.

Grim-Jared: if do not get the right scene for venue, they will make changes/readjust the storyline.

b. Do you make money through Youtube? How?

Grim –Jared: At the moment we are not yet, but it is possible when:

i. Client likes your video style - partnership with client to produce a video message on client’s services/products
ii. the subscribership - Client want to use you platform to send out message, e.g advertise, announce Other Youtuber like they have ads placement on video, like Kyopropaganda, Dan Khoo

c. How to advertise / market your clip in “Youtube”, as your video is just another video in the “Youtube” video bank.

JGermani : no special A&P/publicity…. Just share in FB, twiter, people will share it out if they like….

All agreed that video with Love element sells – because it is a common thing and it relates to audience’s experience. Other genre like humor & horror is welcome too. But action may not suitable in youtube - has many technical details to take care.

4. Legal matter

a. Does “youtube” have copyright / censorship issue the video clip? Experience…

There is no censorship issue so far and they try not to touch on sensitive topic like religion.

JGermani : Youtube will take action on your account if someone complaint on your videos, they may take down your video or close your account. I was uploaded a video with YOUTUBE logo & FB logo appear together – that account been took down and not accessible anymore.
There are T&C to follow when you sign up youtube account.

G Jared : we will put credit /notation on sources that we borrow/use, but very seldom. We ask people to produce music for us.

*Grim & Ming Thing have own band

b. Opinion on : Is “viral” media infringing the copyright ?

--> no direct respond on this…

Why media content go viral in youtube

c. What are the key element(s) makes it viral?

JGErmani : Viral element-> fun/worth to share, it is in human nature to share things.

i. Can “viral media” be produced? Or it is just meant for amateur ?

All: Yes, we know some agency out there is doing it …. But we don’t really concentrate on that - just do the content that we like – if considering will it viral – it constrain the creativity & story


All of them wanted to change and contribute the local media industry – from the digital media aspect – and they are inspired by Yasmin Ahamad.

G Jared: People look at youtubers as unprofessional compare to the production house - sometimes even have client request for a video client tend to press their price low.


Grim video – Mainly English, a bit Malay content
Dan & JGermani – English, Malay, & minority Chinese content

(L-R) Joseph Germani, Dan Khoo, Roy Ajong, Jared 


Grim – Jared : age 27, Fr Kedah
Grim – Roy Ajong: age 22, Sarawak
JGermani – age 21, KL
Dan Khoo – 26, KL