More than 40,000 Malaysian Small Business Professionals on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network with more than 175 million members worldwide, has released new data about its popularity among small business professionals in Asia Pacific (APAC).

Malaysia ranks seventh in APAC, with 43,536 members who are small-business professionals. Small-business professionals in Malaysia mainly work in the following sectors: service industry, manufacturing, construction, agriculture and mining & quarrying.

LinkedIn looked at how many small business professionals are already LinkedIn members and their data revealed that globally there are 15,222,964 LinkedIn members who are currently small-business professionals.

In APAC, the top-ten countries with the most small business professionals on LinkedIn are:
  • India (There are 1,012,058 LinkedIn members in India who are small business professionals.)
  • China (There are 186,384 LinkedIn members in China who are small business professionals.)
  • Pakistan (There are 86,816 LinkedIn members in Pakistan who are small business professionals.)
  • Singapore (There are 66,562 LinkedIn members in Singapore who are small business professionals.)
  • Philippines (There are 61,957 LinkedIn members in Philippines who are small business professionals.)
  • Indonesia (There are 55,220 LinkedIn members in Indonesia who are small business professionals.)
  • Malaysia (There are 43,536 LinkedIn members in Malaysia who are small business professionals.)
  • Hong Kong (There are 39,364 LinkedIn members in Hong Kong who are small business professionals.)
  • Japan (There are 33,329 LinkedIn members in Japan who are small business professionals.)
  • Taiwan (There are 28, 296 LinkedIn members in Taiwan who are small business professionals.)

“Small business professionals leverage LinkedIn in a myriad of creative ways,” said Tara Commerford, LinkedIn’s Head of Communications for Australia, New Zealand & Southeast Asia. “Not only do they leverage the site to make critical hires, but they also use LinkedIn Groups like “mini conferences” where they can learn more about various subjects like advertising and public relations.”

Here are a few of the ways that small business professionals can use the professional network to their advantage:

Your work can’t always speak for itself. Remind your employees to spread the word about your business. Growing a small business from scratch is daunting, so surround yourself with loyal employees who will help you expand. Encourage your employees to thoroughly complete their LinkedIn Profiles, so prospective clients know you’ve hired high-calibre experts.

Make sure your company is listed – and we’re not talking about in the phone book or on Bursa Malaysia Stock Exchange. Over two million companies have a LinkedIn Company Page – does yours? LinkedIn Company Pages not only provide key statistics about your business and who’s interested in it, for free, but they also help you keep track of the competition. When you follow a competitor’s LinkedIn Company Page, you can find out what talent is joining, and leaving, those companies.

Maintain a happy customer base online. A happy customer can be an influential advocate for your brand. In the digital world, it’s all about receiving positive online feedback. Add a free Products & Services tab to your LinkedIn Company Page and ask your customers to write your business a recommendation. Building out this page on LinkedIn will help prospective customers find you.

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