Smart Sourcing Summit 2012 - Meet all the top guns

Outsourcing Malaysia presented the fifth Smart Sourcing Summit that took place today 10 October, 2012 at Royale Chulan Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

An annual event, the 2-day summit features several renowned prominent speakers such as YB Senator Dato’ Idris Jala, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office and CEO of PEMANDU; Mr. Michael Warren, Director of Global Sourcing Cluster, MDeC; and Encik Zulfiqar Zainuddin, Senior Vice President, Investment, of Iskandar Investment Berhad. International speakers include S. Swaminathan, the Managing Director & CEO of Infosys BPO; Anna Daroy, Consultant at Daroy Consultancy; and Martin Conboy, the President of Australian BPO Association. The speakers will share insightful presentations on Malaysia’s responsiveness to market expectations, trends in global sourcing and strategic approaches to going global.

During the opening ceremony by YB Datuk Seri Dr. S. Subramaniam, Outsourcing Malaysia also unveiled their new logo in conjunction with the launch of the annual Smart Sourcing Summit. This year’s theme, ‘Leapfrogging Competition: From Local to Global’, is quite apt due to the fact that as the sourcing industry takes the leap to go global, many complexities with technologies and services are coming to the fore that need to be addressed.

Usual Suspects

What I like about this summit is networking and opportunity to get to know all the usual suspects of the outsourcing industry, particularly those in the BPO services industry.

The participants are:
  • Iskandar Malaysia
  • IIOM (International Institute for Outsource Management)
  • Cuscapi
  • Daroy Consultants & Company Advisors Ltd
  • VADS BPO Berhad
  • Mesiniaga Alliances
  • The IA Group
  • PwC Advisors
  • Australian BPO Association
  • Matryzel Consulting
  • Infosys BPO
  • Manpower
  • K-Workers MDeC
  • Sunway Group
  • Talent Search
  • Penang Services Advisory (PSAP)
  • Basisbay
  • HDC
  • CSC
  • iProperty Group
  • IPServerOne


And they are here to talk about topics like:
  • Malaysia as a preferred location for business
  • Social-economical trends on outsourcing business
  • Brand management
  • vertical centricity
  • Friendly competition
  • Common sense and responsibilities
  • Talent management
  • Going global
  • Data centres technologies and offerings

Opportunities in Malaysia

“There are tremendous opportunities to capitalize on the industry’s potential and tap into market intelligence on the demand drivers to surge ahead on the industry’s hottest trends. This is in line with the National Key Economic Areas (NKEA). Business Services was identified as one of the NKEA’s with 6 Entry Point Projects (EPP), where EPP 2- aims to Build Globally- competitive outsources and EPP 3 - Positioning Malaysia as a world-class data centre hub.“ as mentioned by David Wong, Chairman of Outsourcing Malaysia.

Programs carried out under the NKEA – Business Services Entry Point Project (EPP) 2 include the Score + Acceleration Program. This program includes company valuation seminars, branding and marketing seminars, global markets SIR seminars, Government relations seminars; Malaysian grants programs, and property and infrastructure seminars. These programs cover various topics including how to better understand global SSO opportunities and engagements, how to communicate value propositions clearly and how to better understand the various sources of funding in Malaysia.

Sourcing services is a big industry in which prominent business activities include IT services, shared services and business process outsorcing (BPO), regional headquarters, research and development (R&D), training and environmental management.

Malaysia ranks top 3 as the preferred location for Shared Services & Outsourcing (SSO) where big companies such as ACS, BMW, DHL, HSBC, IBM, Intel, Motorola, Nokia, Shell, Unisys and over 130 Shared Services & Outsourcing companies in MSC Malaysia are responsible for establishment of over 250 call centres in the country to date.

This outsourcing industry is estimated to worth US $ 1.6 billion in year 2012 and projected to be worth US $1.9 billion by 2013.

It is a great place to network with the top guns and establish great business relationships. Personally, I consider this as a very high-end and prestigious business function. Do check it out next year if you are still in business!

For more details, check out Malaysia Technology News.


Unknown said…
To be on top, one should deal with the top. These top guns are the prime movers of business in Malaysia. Connecting with them is the key to a great business proposal.