The One Thing I learned About Oracle's Executives

Being at Oracle Open World 2012, I have had the opportunity to listen to Oracle's Executives speak in up-close manner.

So far, I have listened to Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle, Mark Hurd, President of Oracle, Thomas Kurian, EVP or Product Development, Abhay Parasnis, SVP, Oracle Cloud, Mark Lewis, Senior VP, Alliances & Channels Asia Pacific and Judson Althoff, SVP, Worldwide A & C and Embedded Sales.

The one thing I have learned tremendously about these people is that they are extremely people oriented. One of the trait is that during Q & A session, they will take each question with respect and will try to address you as if you are the President of USA, no matter how sucks your question is going to be.

They like to go like this..."I will take each question separately.." or "I will approach your question in two angles..."

They actually think thoroughly before deciding on addressing the questions.

And they did that with great patience and smiles on their faces.

I think this is the one skill that is going to take you far in your career.

Definitely something I look up to and have to pick-up.

In my opinion, this is a skill which even if you have no job, mastering it will change your life forever. Just try it out.


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