Aggressive ‘SWITCH ON TO NETGEAR’ Campaign Launched

NETGEAR®, Inc., a global US-based networking company, announced their ‘Switch on to NETGEAR’ program that will run from mid-November to December 31st, 2012 all across Malaysia.

Netgear's product offerings include routers, switches, access points, storage, network extender, wireless adapter and cables. Some of these products are cloud-enabled.

This campaign is a direct marketing offer by NETGEAR to all local Malaysian IT resellers and distributors to experience NETGEAR instead, from their existing switch and wireless devices brands for SME, enterprise and retail connectivity solutions.

According to Tan Wee Fong, Sales Manager ASEAN, NETGEAR, this ‘Switch on to NETGEAR’ program is a great incentive for resellers who are looking for affordable, reliable and easily managed network products for customers.

“NETGEAR’s switch program is an opportunity for customers, who wish to shift away from their traditional network vendors due to unsatisfactory services, products or pricing. NETGEAR welcomes all resellers in Malaysia who are looking for a one-stop networking solution shop for their SME and enterprise customers.”

“Each market is different in terms of expectations, pricing and pull-factor so we wanted to develop a program that would positively impact the ROI of our end customers. NETGEAR deploys a unique approach for each different market in each region and ‘Switch on to NETGEAR’ is a program designed to be attractive to Malaysia’s reseller and distributor market.”

The ‘Switch on to NETGEAR’ program involves an incentive for an exchange of another brand’s device for NETGEAR switches or wireless device.

Tan shares, “This is a pretty neat twist especially for resellers and distributors who can identify opportunities to earn furthermore incentives when the opportunity is successfully converted to Netgear Switches and Wireless products.”

To take advantage of the ‘Switch on to NETGEAR’ program, the resellerjust have to provide NETGEAR’s competing brands’ Bill of Material (BOM) for conversion to NETGEAR switches and wireless devices. This will also be the basis to redeem the incentives.

“I am quite confident that this ‘Switch on to NETGEAR’ will attract the attention of the local IT reseller and distributor market, and they will realize the quality and economical values which NETGEAR brings about to them,” ends Tan.

Interested parties to take part in ‘Switch on to NETGEAR’, contact NETGEAR’s local IT distributor Techdata Systems Sdn Bhd for more information.