Apple and the Christmas Rush

By Avtar Ram Singh

One thing that has always held true for gadgets is that they make a great gift for the holiday period. Christmas rolls around and everyone waits for their gifts, and over the last couple of years, instead of sweaters and clothing, everyone looks forward to perhaps a new phone or a new tablet. With this in mind, Microsoft decided to release the Surface, and Apple decided that it would be a good time to release information on the iPad 4 and the iPad Mini.

But how good are these devices to qualify as Christmas gifts in the first place? It’s no secret that not everyone is happy about the advancement in the iPad 4. A slightly modified processor and a front facing camera, does that really qualify as an upgrade? Online IT shopping website Lazada definitely think so. They’ve’ got all the iPad 4 models ready for shipping on their website and they’ve got a Christmas campaign to ship them out as well. I was speaking a few days ago to the holiday shoppers in IT malls and asked them what kind of gifts they were looking at. Surprisingly, all parents who are gifting their children something decided to stick with Apple products.

“It’s the product we know will go down with them, we don’t want to experiment with something new. If we ask them what they want, it kills the element of surprise”, was what one parent told. This only solidifies the belief that Apple can surely ride out the next year or so solely on its reputation. But what after that? What will happen when the other device manufacturers catch up? Samsung has clearly mastered the art of the HD smartphone with the Note II and the Galaxy S3.

None the less, when it comes to tablets, not a lot of people are thinking about going anywhere other than with Apple. Lazada’s page on tablets gives us an interesting statistic. If you take out the iPad and the Galaxy Tab, there are hardly any devices out there capable of giving any competition in the tablet market to these behemoths, and what’s more, given that the Galaxy Tab isn’t really selling like hotcakes, the iPad seems to be the best option for the novice buyer.

Apple seems to have won the Christmas 2012 campaign, but next year should paint a very different story unless Apple ups their game next year.

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