EZLogin Provides Single Sign On Solution for SaaS

Single Sign On solutions used to be popular in enterprise environment where multiple software applications had been deployed such as ERP, HRMS, Email, Intranet and etc. In either case, each of these applications will require user login for authentication. Single Sign On allows employees to login to all these applications using the same login ID and password. This is achieved by the technology known as LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) which stores user information including login and passwords in a central repository and hosts services to allow applications to retrieve these stored login records for authentication. Microsoft has its own LDAP technology famously known as Active Directory.

Using LDAP technology, employees are only required to use the same login ID and password of their enterprise email to login to the application.

EZLogin Single Sign On solution supports the following features:
  • Multi-factor authentication – requires users to provide more than one form of authentication. For instance, a SMS will be sent to users during login attempts in other to verify login authenticity. EZLogin provides multi-factor authentication with one-time password via e-mail or SMS for access to your account.
  • Single administration point – similar to LDAP
  • Integrates with Active Directory – make use of logins from Active Directory
  • Reports - usage, billing

These features allow EZLogin to position itself as IAMaaS (Identity and Access Management as a Service) platform; SaaS for Single Sign On for Identity and access management for other SaaS applications.

EZLogin works like an online store for SaaS. Currently, EZLogin has a list of associated SaaS applications which can be launched directly using its Single Sign On. These applications are:
  • ETrax – online staff monitoring system
  • Exabytes – web hosting
  • MYOB – accounting software
  • Aqaya – recruitment
  • Oystor – document management system
  • ASAP recruit – recruitment
  • McAfee – security
  • V-Cube – web conferencing
  • Jamiq – social media management

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Enterprises who wish to make use of EZLogin to cater for IAMaaS for other public SaaS applications or private SaaS applications are required to contact EZLogin for professional services – it can be arranged.

My interest in EZLogin arises out of my research into exploring how IAMaaS can be used to serve as the basis of online time attendance system. Time attendance system usually works with hardware devices such as access card reader, fingerprint reader, palm reader, retina scanner and etc which require employees to be present at specific location in order to confirm their attendance for payroll.

There is however, scenarios where employees need not turn up at specific location for work such as work-from-home, sales-person on the move, on-site technical supports, employees posted overseas and etc. For time attendance to work for these scenarios, the best way is to make use of Single Sign On in the form of IAMaaS.

I am currently exploring EZLogin which is still in beta stage. I found it quite simple to use. All I need to do is to create login users and then assign those logins to the application which they want to access.

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EZLogin is available in English and Russian.

Please check out the beta version now.

I think EZLogin will be successful because it is selling other SaaS applications via its capacity of single sign on, service management, billing and provisioning.


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