Google: Get on the Cloud and Live there

Sajith Sivanandan, Country Manager, Google Malaysia shared with readers about his ideas for living and ideal life on the cloud connected to Google Ecosystem.

Consider this..
  • Everything you need is always available everywhere you are
  • You never need worry about losing anything ever again.
  • Your files and software are always up to date, all the time.
  • No need to spend money on storage media like USB keys, external drives, and recordable DVDs.
  • Easier to collaborate (even in real-time) and share files with your coworkers and friends.

Things that you need ...
  • Word processing (Word → Google Docs, which can even view and edit Word files)
  • Presentation software (PowerPoint → Google Docs Presentation Editor, Prezi, Slide Rocket, etc.)
  • Instant Messaging (AIM → Google Talk in Gmail, Whats App, Line)
  • Video chat (Skype → Google+ Hangouts, video chat in Gmail, FaceTime)
  • Photo editing (Photoshop → Photoshop Express online app)
  • Video editing (iMovie →’s Video Editor,, WeVideo)
  • Movies (DVDs → YouTube)
  • Music (iTunes → internet radio apps, YouTube)
  • Entertainment (Paperbacks → Google Books, Kindle) (Movies → YouTube) etc.
  • Contact management (Outlook → Contacts in Gmail, SalesForce)
  • Anything else you’re missing? Search the Chrome Web Store to find web apps for virtually any computing task. 

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BlackWoods said…
Cloud is getting more and more popular.
Exabytes as a top web hosting company in Malaysia is also promoting Cloud to their clients.