Sophos Offers Partners Free Management Console

Sophos announced Sophos UTM Manager, a free central management tool for solution providers. With UTM Manager, Sophos solution providers can offer managed security services, while quickly and easily managing all of their clients’ unified threat management devices, regardless of location.

Sophos UTM Manager makes managing UTM installations easy by providing partners with a single console, thereby reducing bandwidth usage and management time.

Additionally, partners only need to log into UTM manager once in order to access all of the installations they administer. By removing the need for partners to manage passwords and device records manually for their clients, partners can effortlessly make policy changes, check logs, and update configurations. Partners are also able to manage antivirus and device management features through the Sophos UTM.

It is a software and available on two platforms. The software can be run on a dedicated, Intel-compatible PC of your choice, or as a Virtual Machine within a VMware environment such as a VMware Player or VMware ESX. Both, the software and virtual appliances are available as free full versions.

Deployment Scenarios

Deploy Sophos UTM Command Center at the corporate headquarter location to distribute management tasks among regions or departments.

Deploy Sophos UTM Command Center in MSP environments to offer managed service with role-based multi-client access.

Additional information on Sophos’ Unified solutions can be found here or at


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