Sourcefire Brings Big Data Analytics-Based Network Security to Malaysia

First of all, let's take a look at Advanced Persistent Threats (APT). Basically the definition from wikipedia brings it very close to terrorist attacks and here are some good examples.

Sourcefire, Inc., a leader in intelligent cybersecurity solutions, launched its latest FirePOWER™ appliance family in Malaysia, to protect businesses from advanced malware threats.

Cloud based big data capability

Continuous analysis and detection including retrospective alerts when initial scanning failed to detect anything or when the threats were previously deemed safe. This is achieved by creating forensic fingerprints of files to the cloud.

BYOD protection

Integrates with Sourcefire's FireAMP solution to enhance visibility by supporting device interfacing to source for malware trajectory (from point of entry, through propagation, to post-infection remediation)

Processing power

It introduced new FirePOWER 7000 series appliances which are FirePOWER 7010 (50 Mbps), FirePOWER 7020 (100 Mbps) and the FirePOWER 7030 (250 Mbps), extending the performance range: from 50 Mbps to 40+ Gbps.

40+ Gbps processing throughput means it is able to perform detection at the rate of 40+ Giga bits per second and this is achieved via 3D8000 series programmable fail-open 40 GbE FirePOWER appliance which uses the concept of quad stacking. 3D8250 and 3D8260 stack up to four appliances to grow throughput performance in 10Gbps increments—delivering up to a total of 40Gbps of IPS inspection.

In other words, the lowest range of FirePOWER now supports 50 Mbps throughput via FirePOWER 7010 and the highest range supports 40+ Gbps via 3D8000 programmable series.

The FirePOWER appliance family provides customers with a powerful universal security platform with the flexibility to support evolving security needs --NGIPS, App Control, NGFW and advanced malware protection -- with scalability to address the widest range of enterprise requirements.

New software updates

The new Sourcefire 5.1.1 software features file-type detection and control, as well as security intelligence for IP reputation and blacklisting.

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