2012 A Year In Review

Before that, let's look at what had been predicted for 2012 in 2011 and how they fared.

Generally, most of the prediction happened without big bang. For instance, APTs, yes there were some APTs, madwares and prominent security threats. We have concluded that the following security threats are most menacing.
  • Koobface - Koobface gang earned millions of dollars every year by compromising computers until Jan 2012 in which they were busted by authorities.
  • OSX.FalshBack.K - affected 700,000 computers all running under Mac OS X in the first half of 2012. aka Trojan-Downloader.OSX.Flashfake.ab [Kaspersky]
  • Trojan.OSX.FakeCo.a - accounted for 52% of OS X malware infection for second half of 2012 - this malicious program masquerades as a video codec installation file.
  • Flamer - APT - the most complex malware threat since Stuxnet and Duqu
  • Android.Opfake - Android malware; variant of FakeInst SMS Trojan which accounted for 60% of total Android malware infection.
  • SMSZombie - Android malware - infected more than 500,000 devices in China.
  • Gauss - APT
  • Shnakule - malnet (malware network)
  • Gozi Prinimalka - APT

Big data, sure. Things happened in certain ways but we haven't yet quite see any realistic implementation.

Cloud and virtualization were the heroes of 2011 and they are responsible to spur all sort of new product offerings in 2012. Mobility was pretty much confined to launches of new mobile devices and platforms and apps.

Hence, as what had been predicted, 2012 was about cloud, virtualization, big data, mobile and security.

Now,let's look at the details.

Jan 2012

No one would ever expect that the free world; USA would go all lengths to shutdown a leisure-based content sharing site albeit all legality involved about intellectual property - U.S. government shut down Megaupload.com content sharing website. Others include:

Mar 2012

Certain group of IT practitioners in Malaysia came out with the idea to introduce professionalism for the IT industry. A bill called Technologists and Technicians Bill 2012 had been proposed and didn't yet kick off. It proposed that IT practitioners servicing the public sector must get certified accordingly.

June 2012

Google announced Jelly Bean, Google Glass. Google Glass is a lot of sophistication and promises giant leap into the future of 7th sense computing; wearable computer. Some critics argued that it will spoil your eyesight. I personally believe that it will sell better than iPhone. Google wasn't the first to have come out with such innovation, but they definitely are able to keep up and get the hang of the trend.

July 2012

Marissa Mayer became Yahoo CEO. Personally I believe that this was the biggest news because it was too unprecedented. The famous Googirl has finally gone Yahoo!; promoted as CEO. Her latest foray was the revamp of Yahoo Mail. According to reports, her strategy is expected to focus on mobile.

Aug 2012

Aug 2012 saw the ferocity of Apple and Samsung intellectual property court case which Apple emerged victorious from San Jose court room and where Samsung was slapped with US$1 billion penalty. Samsung cried foul, citing bully of anti-competition.

Both parties escalated into further cold war, with Samsung tried to counter-sue from different court room. It emerged victorious from high court in the U.K at which the Britain's Court of Appeal found that the tablet produced by Samsung didn't infringe on the IP of Apple.

More details, refer to Enterprise It News.

Sep 2012

September saw the multiple instances of Malaysian ICT activities blossoming full-fledged. First it was the 4th National ICT Month (NIM) initiation where 3 events were being held within a period of one month; namely PIKOM WCG 2012 (7-9 Sep 2012),Digital Lifestyle Expo 2012 (7-9 Sep 2012) and Leadership Summit 2012 (27 - 28 September 2012).

During the Leadership Summit 2012, PIKOM announced the PIKOM ICT Strategic Review 2012/2013.

The most interesting development was a forum organised by computer retailers to discuss business dilemma and market trends. Computer retailers who attended the forum opined that the industry is getting harder to survive and sought opinions from those in the same industry to help improve situations.

It was reported that PIKOM didn't quite help out with their dilemmas; a claim which PIKOM rejected.

Oct 2012

Malaysian ICT development continued with full velocity with announcement of National ICT Budget 2013 and Digital Malaysia initiative.

Digital Malaysia aspires to develop Malaysia into an advanced digital economy by 2020 is on track with a first wave of eight projects with a cumulative targeted Gross National Income of RM270.75 million (almost US$88 million) by the end of 2013.

Microsoft launched Windows 8 in Malaysia on 30th Oct 2012, with then Managing Director confessed that it was the most exciting announcement in 20 years of business for Microsoft.

On 23rd Oct 2012, the Malaysian government announced unofficially that the much anticipated Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) will come into force by Jan 2013. Check out more details.

Dec 2012

Google Zeitgeist 2012 Revealed that Whitney Houston was the No.1 search for 2012; same goes for Yahoo search.

Moving Forward

Analysts and industry leaders believe that 2013 is going to be the year for big data & social media,mobile & BYOD and widespread SaaS adoptions. Security threats are going serious business with more political and business-rivalry oriented. Some believe that the 7th sense wearable computer will make a more significant introduction to the industry - let's wait for the release of Google Glass in 2013.

In terms of my choice of best product launches, I would pick Google Glass. I also like to acknowledge Google Plus,Google Map with live traffic, Windows 8 and Java Embedded development.

Personally I like to thank all media partners especially Enterprise IT News, PR firms especially PiPR for sending me to Oracle Open World 2012 and also the Oracle APAC team (Penny, Marc and Priscilla) who have look after me during my stay at San Francisco and all readers for reading.

Thank you and may you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

2012 was the most happening year yet for IT-Sideways.