5 online business tools for entrepreneurs

By Carlo Pandian

The internet has been around for the best part of 25 years, and once you've waded through all the advertising, the pictures of cute cats and the other 'fluff' that clutters up the World Wide Web, there are actually some very useful business tools online that true entrepreneurs can utilise.

From online accounting to advertising and linking your business to social media, online business tools are a crucial part of any 21st Century business operation. So here are five of the best online tools that could make your business more successful, more efficient and better organised.

Quickbooks Online

Quickbooks Online is rapidly becoming one of the most popular online accounting software packages available. Fully compatible with most operating systems and compliant with regulatory taxation and financial guidelines, Quickbooks Online lets you manage your accounts on a daily basis and gives you full access to all of the features you need to keep your books up to date. From ledgers and spreadsheets through to compatible mobile phone apps, this smart accounting system is intuitive, easy to use and perfect for small and medium size businesses.


Launched in 2008, Evernote has found worldwide popularity amongst business users as a quick and easy way to archive notes, including audio files, pictures and even hand-written notes. It's compatible with nearly all major operating systems, and has recently incorporated cloud technology that provides a file back up online. If you want to use it as a 'stand-alone' system then it can be downloaded onto a PC, or alternatively apps will allow smartphone and tablet users to access their notes on the go. Evernote is one of the best organisational software programs available.


Hootsuite has achieved almost legendary status since its launch in 2008, and is still one of the best social media management systems around. Specifically used for brand management, Hootsuite allows you to organise your social media activity, and is perfect if you are using platforms such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook to launch your brand to a wider audience. It also lets you organise social networks within the business community or even within a single company.

If this then that

How many apps logos do you have on your smartphone? Is it beginning to get a little disorganised, resulting in you forgetting where you've saved that interesting article or important piece of technical data? If This Then That is a great tool that helps you organise how you link between other apps and websites, allowing you to create a roadmap that means you'll never lose that vital piece of information again. It effectively creates shortcuts between apps and sites that you use every day, allowing you to navigate between them more quickly and easily.


This fee browser plugin is perfect for anyone using Gmail. Rather than having a sidebar full of useless adverts, Rapportive replaces this with information about the sender of the email you're reading. It gives you their contact details, a picture and biography and links to their social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook. Rapportive lets you learn more about the person you're speaking to, and for business users this extra interaction can be crucial to establishing good business relationships.

About Carlo:

Carlo Pandian is a freelance writer and blogs on technology, business and productivity tools covering everything from social media tools to small business accounting software. He published for Startup Malaysia and US blogs such as under30CEO and New Startups.


Chee Hong Seng said…
As an Accountant, I always encourage my clients to use online accounting software. With the availability of Quickbooks in Malaysia, it will provide more choices to Malaysian companies. Another online accounting software worth exploring is XERO (www.xero.com), which is also a subscription based software. Disclaimer: I am a XERO user and also a XERO Certified Advisor.