EZLogin Empowers B2B Transaction

EZLogin is a cloud-based IAMaaS (Identity and Access Management as a Service) platform; SaaS (Software-as-a-service) for Single Sign On for Identity and access management for other SaaS applications.

It offers a single platform for both consumers and vendors of SaaS solution to co-exist – allowing business to business transaction.

For instance, a vendor of SaaS CRM solution registered as a vendor to EZLogin to achieve two benefits:
  1. To benefit from its single sign on (SSO) technology
  2. A marketplace with users

EZLogin Single Sign On solution supports the following features:
  • Multi-factor authentication – requires users to provide more than one form of authentication. For instance, a SMS will be sent to users during login attempts in other to verify login authenticity. EZLogin provides multi-factor authentication with one-time password via e-mail or SMS for access to your account.
  • Single administration point – simple tool to manage EZLogin’s user lists and control the access to cloud apps
  • Integrates with Active Directory – make use of logins from Active Directory
  • Reports – usage, audit trails

EZLogin targets businesses which its employees make use of multiple SaaS applications for its daily operations. In today’s standard, applications which are available as SaaS include the likes of CRM, HCM, social media, financial management and security.

Speaking about security, businesses who do not employ sophisticated data leak prevention solution and endpoint security solution should find EZLogin as the most affordable solution for managing cloud-based security management. EZLogin is subscription by demand and due to the nature of it business-to-business concept; data security can be easily honoured.

Subscribing to the EZLogin, the administrator has the option to create multiple sub logins. Each sub logins can be profiled and allocated with login attempts known as admission. Admission can also be configured to be associated with registered SaaS applications in retrospect.

The bonus part of subscribing to IAMaaS for managing cloud application and to inherit security into the operation of a business is that the system also serves as an alternative time attendance system for managing employees who are home-based, offshores and always-on-the-move.

EZLogin endeavors a design architecture which is plain and simple to use – it is made for people who want to work with apps, not waste time to learn the access system.