Gathering of Photos in a single app using Cooliris

If you have an iPad, most likely you will snap some photos using iPad directly. These photos can be visible from iPad photos application. But what about viewing other photos stored in Facebook, Flickr, Instagram and even Google Picasa,Google + and Google drive, in your iPad as well ?

You can view all of those photos using the Cooliris app for iPad, which allows one to login to these photo social media applications in order to view photos in a single environment. Cooliris is available for all iOS devices and is free.

Using Cooliris, it saves you the trouble of manually download photos stored in different photos social media applications such as Flickr into your iPad for viewing. For amateur users, all they need is to be familiar with one application. As the matter of fact, Cooliris can also works as a photo backup utility, synchronizing all your photos into your iPad serving as the backup media - this works when a photo is clicked on where a copy will be downloaded.

"The Cooloris app don't store the photos off from cloud services. All the photos are accessed immediately from the respective services. A technique is deployed to create a preview of the photos and display them so that they are shown very quickly to the users. Only when you click on a photo, then the hi-res is downloaded for viewing," said Derek Tan of Cooliris.

Another experience that I have discovered is to make use of Cooliris to view photos stored in different social media applications in devices that are not yours. Once done with viewing photos, all you have to do is to remove the registered accounts of photo social media applications and all downloaded photos will be removed from the device that is not yours.

In short, Cooliris makes managing social media photos easier and it simply allows one to rediscover archived photos. It is a great tools for living a stress-free lifestyle of cloud, social media and mobile.