More than 1-in-5 households on Fibre; Fibre broadband gaining traction rapidly

OpenNet’s subscriber base has grown to 250,000 in November 2012, a 150% increase from the 100,000 subscribers recorded at the start of the year. To meet the temporary increase in demand from the SITEX 2012 show, OpenNet added more than 4400 seasonal installation slots.

In Singapore, a Fibre Index Survey commissioned by OpenNet shows an uptrend in user satisfaction with fibre broadband connectivity. This bodes well for the take-up of fibre as more than 1-in-5 households are now using fibre connections for internet access, IPTV and other bandwidth-intensive applications. The survey also highlights a considerable increase in the number of broadband users accessing the Internet to download, upload and store digital content. The survey was carried out by Acorn Marketing & Research Consultants.

The survey found that while the broadband penetration rate stayed at 93%, the Internet is becoming more important to Singaporeans with the number of respondents reporting daily usage increasing from 76% in 2011 to 87% in 2012.

Email access (84%) and video streaming (72%) remain the most popular online activities. Video downloads saw a 45% increase with 49% respondents engaging in the activity in 2012 as opposed to 27% in 2011. Music downloads saw a 31% increase with 48% respondents engaging in the activity in 2012 as opposed to 33% in 2011. Online file storage (29%), online calls and conferencing (40%) and video content uploads (45%) all saw significant growth as opposed to the previous year.

While 15-24-year-olds are more likely to spend their time downloading music, uploading photos and gaming, the 25-34-year-olds spend more time streaming videos and purchasing tickets or other items online. The 35 and older group spend more time engaging in online banking, trading, accessing work files and emails and blogging.

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