Twitter Incorporates Built-In Image Filters

By Avtar Ram Singh

It’s no secret that Twitter and Instagram haven’t been getting along too well in recent weeks. Following the announcement by Instagram that their image cards would now no longer show up on Twitter, users would have to go to the Instagram website to check out previews and large scale images of the all photographs on Instagram. Most analysts do believe that this is part of Facebook’s campaign to step up their competition against Twitter, even though the two are vastly different in what they offer to their users. The new built-in image filters that have been incorporated by Twitter therefore, are the result of a direct hit back by the social networking firm. Their image filters have been released for their Android application and offers eight filters that include vignette, black and white, warm, cool, vintage, cinematic and a few others.

It also allows users to crop, zoom, enhance their images and perform some basic image editing functions. Apparently all the filters have been created from scratch for Twitter. Instagram on the other hand has re-vamped its app for the iOS and for Android, although the major differences do come for the iOS users. If you’re looking at picking up an iPhone this Christmas, you’re looking at getting an interesting re-vamp to Instagram on it. The camera section of the application has been revamped for iOS users, the camera roll is now integrated right into the camera app, making it cleaner and faster to add photos that you’ve already shot to Instagram.

Some new optional grid lines give you better shooting guidelines and Foursquare integration in the Instagram app is something totally new. Some more customization features have been added such as few new filters such as Willow, and some changes to the tile-shift blur feature. A number of smaller tweaks have also been made to the application. While these changes usually enchant pre-existing users of Instagram and those who already own a smart phone, but do these kind of changes to applications also influence your decision on picking up a new phone?

Lazada in Malaysia has got some great deals going for smartphones right now which you might want to check out, the most astonishing one of all is of course the Lumia 800 available at half price. While the war between social networking companies is going to continue, does this affect you as a user and your experience with the services? What kind of problems have you encountered when you’ve thought about using Twitter, Instagram and Facebook? Do you as a user feel that there are obvious challenges between the firms and their integration? Of course, the image cards being pulled out by Instagram and replaced by a link is a fairly obvious one, but what else have you noticed? Discuss in the comments below!

Avtar Ram Singh is a technology enthusiast who covers articles on topics ranging from social media and internet technologies to consumer devices