Bigger and Better: Your Mobile Gaming Experience Amplified!

About a decade ago, one can only imagine playing high-intensity games with their mobile phones. It used to be just ‘Level RPG’ and other two-dimensional fixtures people were engrossed with, cringing for a better view on the mini-screens while blatantly tapping on the keypads to break their previous high scores.

Then smartphones came along and games developers tried to out do one another with highly sophisticated games to be played on users’ touch-screen wonders. Games with seamless graphics were only possible on computers and gaming consoles a couple of years ago, but are now widely played on smartphones and tablet devices. If people still find playing on a 4-inch screen torture for their eyes, they can now plug-in their mobile devices to a large screen LED Monitor for an amplified gaming experience.

Not possible you say? Samsung’s latest range of LED Monitors are all equipped with Mobile-High Definition Link (MHL) technology, which enables users to play games, watch movies, view pictures and even surf the internet on a larger screen! Playing mobile games will be more exciting and mind-blowing through Samsung’s innovative and award-winning display technologies.

By simply connecting their mobile devices with specified Samsung LED Monitors via an MHL cable, which comes free when users purchase the units, they can enjoy mobile games on a larger screen. This offers a brand new gaming experience to avid gamers, as Samsung is the first LED monitor manufacturer in the market with this innovative technology.

Impeccable image quality too is paramount for avid gamers. Life-like visuals and smooth graphics stimulate a great sense of enjoyment as they immerse themselves in the virtual world of their choice. By plugging-in their mobile device to Samsung’s new range of LED Monitors, users can race to unlock more cars and tracks on car-racing games or escape from demonic monkeys with greater image quality.

The LED Technology and Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio (DCR) built within the monitors offer crisper, more vivid and brighter images for an unrivalled mobile gaming experience. With a legacy of premium, state-of-the-art technologies, users will be ‘absorbed’ into the virtual world while enjoying their favourite games on Samsung’s latest range of LED monitors.

The image quality can be adjusted according to the users’ personal preference as the Samsung LED Monitor Series 9 is built with a Self-Calibration feature that permits users to adjust the white balance, gamma and colour uniformity. Those less informed on how to adjust these features can still enjoy professionally calibrated image quality through the Natural Colour Expert technology built within the LED Series 9 Monitor.

Design is also a crucial factor in determining which monitor or IT-related product to purchase, as users have greater expectations and taste on the appliances they have at home. Apart from great image quality paired with innovative technologies, Samsung LED Monitors also incorporate minimalistic, yet practical, design ideology to qualify the monitors as stylish additions to one’s home.

Samsung LED Monitors’ seamless and minimalistic designs provide a slim, gleaming silhouette, showcasing shimmering images that seem to display in mid-air. They also provide a sophisticated and luxurious ‘look and feel’ on the Samsung LED Monitors that light up the users’ living room, study or even a ‘gaming den’. A stylish LED monitor may just be the cherry on top of a mind-blowing gaming experience.