Computer Security Updates Week 1 of Jan 2013

Refer to Computer Security Updates Week 4 of Dec 2012.

Here are the quick summary of 2012 compiled from various sources.

1.) Top threats for 2012

  • Koobface - Koobface gang earned millions of dollars every year by compromising computers until Jan 2012 in which they were busted by authorities.
  • OSX.FalshBack.K - affected 700,000 computers all running under Mac OS X in the first half of 2012. aka Trojan-Downloader.OSX.Flashfake.ab [Kaspersky]
  • Trojan.OSX.FakeCo.a - accounted for 52% of OS X malware infection for second half of 2012 - this malicious program masquerades as a video codec installation file
  • Flamer - APT - the most complex malware threat since Stuxnet and Duqu
  • Android.Opfake - Android malware; variant of FakeInst SMS Trojan which accounted for 60% of total Android malware infection
  • SMSZombie - Android malware - infected more than 500,000 devices in China
  • Gauss - APT
  • Shnakule - malnet (malware network); distributed infrastructures within the Internet that are built, managed and maintained by cybercriminals.
  • Gozi Prinimalka - APT

2.) Malwares for android were the main trust of malware development for 2012

3.) Malwares for Mac gained significant rise in 2012

4.) Russia was the most infected country in 2012

5.) Oracle Java surpasses Adobe Reader as the most frequently exploited software

More details from Malaysia Technology News.

Jan 2,2013 - Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 comes top once again in testing

In order to find out which antivirus products provide reliable protection for financial transactions on the Internet, the experts at the independent Czech-based tested several popular security solutions for home users. Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 produced an excellent performance during testing and claimed a well-deserved first place, successfully preventing all attempts at data theft.
  •’s independent experts tested 10 security solutions for home users
  • 15 different scenarios emulated the behavior of the most widespread malware designed to steal financial data
  • The participating products were expected to repel sophisticated malware attacks and prevent data theft
  • The new Safe Money technology integrated in Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 successfully negotiated all 15 tests and came out on top in the overall rating
Full reports

Dec 18,2012 - Combating Emerging Threats Through Security Collaboration

As the threat landscape continues to grow more daunting, it will become increasingly important that security teams find a safe way to share data concerning threats across organizational boundaries. In much the same way that we can benefit from correlating across information in our own security silos, we can also benefit from what other security teams are seeing in the wild.

It’s also important to remember that attackers are largely competitive with one another. While obviously attackers learn techniques by observing what works in successful attacks, the concept of sharing and collaboration is very rare. As enterprise security teams, we are obviously in a much better position to collaborate.

If security teams, both industry and government, can committo improved collaboration it will give these teams the ability to better track emerging infections and stay ahead of new malware techniques.

More details.

Dec 12, 2012 - Oracle Announces Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall

Continuing its commitment to delivering the most complete portfolio of database security solutions for the enterprise, Oracle announced the availability of Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall, the industry’s only product to effectively protect Oracle and non-Oracle databases, by monitoring network traffic and analyzing audit data.

It is a monitoring and firewall security solution for databases.

More details.


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