PDF Solutions Software (review) sells PDF solutions software.

In a glance, check out all of its product offerings.

Its products consist of two categories. 1.) PDF conversion, 2.) PDF creation. The product with the highest specification for PDF conversion is Able2Extract Professional which supports scanned images.

Using these products, PDF files can be converted into other popular standards such as MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, plain text, HTML, Autodesk Autocad, Adobe Publisher, OpenOffice formats and image formats such as JPEG, PNG and etc.

The cyber world is no stranger to PDF files and there are couple of tools available out there. For those of you who don't know, PDF is an open standard even though it was champion by Adobe during the early days.

Financial institutions email bank statements to customers in the form of PDF document. It really intrigues me just how secure a PDF file is ?

Well, for benefit of doubt, the PDF specification supports industrial encryption in which the entire content of the file can be encrypted via user password. It also supports Certificate Authority (CA) feature which allows users to identify the owner. Nonetheless, CA is not a popular feature these days and is often downplayed.

So, Malaysian banks think that PDF files are secure enough to carry confidential information via cyberspace until a better technology emerge.

Comparing with other tools out there, offers its product at a much more affordable price.

The two advanced features of PDF converter from InvestIntech are:

1.) Scanned & OCR - the OCR engine has the ability to not only convert text but also certain types of images as well

2.) Advanced PDF Recognition - PDF conversions can be customized by users at a granular level, which allows for Excel, Word or other PDF output that is perfectly formatted and suited to the user's needs.

Download Able2Extract PDF Converter for trial now.

My first impression about Able2Extract PDF Converter is that it has nice stealth interface.

The second thing I like about it is the conversion speed which is relatively fast.

The 'Batch' conversion feature allows multiple files to be selected and converted at once.

Investintech Volume Licensing Program is also available, check out more.

Nice stealth interface
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