The State of Content Industry (US Market) by Business Insider

This will make an interesting read for you.

The Future of Digital by Business Insider presents to you a few pointers on how to capitalise on existing digital trends, particularly on the content industry.

All information applies specifically for US market only.

It presented a few key points such as:

  • Most people who can afford to go online and go mobile are already online, the market is already saturated
  • Mobile computing has taken over desktop computing
  • iOS platform makes most money from mobile app sales and commerce compared to Android platform which garnered a bigger market share
  • Advertising money spent on mobile is still low. The trend of mobile content works on the basis of freemium. Most freemium apps make money from in-app commerce, especially for games
  • Newspaper publishers are facing an uphill task to sell advertisements from rivals such as social media, search engines, network TVs and etc
  • Google generates more advertising revenues than newspaper publishers
  • People actually spent most of their time using their mobile devices even though advertising money spent on mobile is still low

The conclusion that I take from here is that it makes sense to have a mobile presence on both iOS and Android platform but not to rely too much on mobile advertising revenue. In terms of making revenues, mobile games industry makes a good role model.

Check out the full slides.