Evernote Releases Updates for Hello and Penultimate

Hello 2.0 and Penultimate are both available from appstore for free.

Hello 2.0

Evernote®, the company that is helping the world remember everything, today announced the launch of Evernote Hello 2.0 (for iPhone and iPod Touch) which helps people remember the people they met in a fun, intuitive and seamless way. Since its first launch in December 2011, Evernote Hello has completely redesigned the way we remember people we met.

Departing from the colloquial address book that is only capable of helping you remember people alphabetically, Evernote Hello remembers the context in which you met these people – how did you meet them, where did you meet them and what did you talk about. Evernote Hello 2.0 is even better now, with a host of new features for a dramatically improved experience.

  • Business card scanning - snap a picture of a business card and their name, number, email address, and other important information will be detected and saved automatically.
  • Hello Connect - exchange information at one go with a click. With at least two phones running the app in the same room, a single tap is all you need to exchange information with multiple people instantly through audible call-and-response tones or by manually keying in a four digit number. Even dozens of people can now add each other simultaneously!
  • Integration with Facebook and LinkedIn - simply connect your Facebook and LinkedIn account and Evernote Hello 2.0 will import key information about everyone you meet from their online profile.
  • Beautifully redesigned interface - a fresh new look that still does the same great thing of remembering everyone you meet, quickly and easily, capturing every detail such as photos, notes, location, contact information and more. It is now an enjoyable experience to input the details you need.
  • New home screen - the new home screen displays the people you met, highlighting their most useful and memorable information, such as photos, dates, number of past meetings, and other people that you met at the same time. The face-centric approach has been expanded to provide as much context as possible at a glance.
  • Redesigned contact cards - easier browsing of your Hello contacts’ information, photos, notes and more


Penultimate is Evernote’s amazing digital handwriting app for iPad. It’s one of the best-selling applications in App Store history and today we’re excited to announce that it’s getting a big update. We kept everything that millions of users love about the app, while adding powerful new Evernote features and refreshing the interface. Oh, and now it’s completely FREE!

Penultimate is the original and easiest-to-use handwriting app for iPad that combines the natural experience of pen and paper with the flexibility and syncing of Evernote, with the following updated features:
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Amazing ink, beautiful paper
  • Find your note anywhere
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