Global Survey: Malaysia Leading Globally in Dynamic Shift of Mobility

Kuala Lumpur – February 20, 2013 – Avanade, a global business technology solutions and managed services provider, released results from a global survey of nearly 600 C-level executives and IT decision-makers in 19 countries. Research findings in Malaysia reveal that more than seven in ten companies (72 per cent) reported the majority of their employees now use personal computing devices in the workplace. The findings demonstrate that the widespread use of consumer technologies in the enterprise is having an immense influence on traditional ways of doing business and the results companies can achieve.

Conventionally, technology use at work has been largely dictated by business requirements. Executives authorised technology purchases based on corporate needs and objectives. Increasingly so, this dynamic has shifted from enterprise-driven to employee-driven technologies, especially in the area of mobile devices and consumer technologies.

Consumer Technologies Lead the Shift

Rather than impose a lockdown on mobile and consumer technologies in the workplace, Avanade’s survey illustrates that companies are instead embracing them.
  • In Malaysia, more than seven in ten companies (72 per cent) reported the majority of their employees now use personal computing devices in the workplace.
  • Compared to 54 per cent globally, 76 per cent of Malaysian companies report the majority of their employees use smartphones for basic work tasks such as reading email, online documents and calendar invitations.
  • Tablet usage in the workplace is fast on the rise, especially in Malaysia where 60 per cent reported that the majority of employees are using tablets for basic work functions, almost doubling the global average of 33 per cent.
  • Interestingly, Malaysia reports a staggering 96 percent of at least one employee or more who uses tablets for advanced business functions, such as CRM, project management, content creation and data analysis.

Progressive Companies are seeing the Greater Reward

The most progressive companies that are redesigning how work gets done are building entirely new business processes around these trends to reap new benefits. Avanade calls this “Work Redesigned.” According to Avanade’s research:

  • More than 9 out of 10 (96 per cent) of companies in Malaysia have changed at least one business process, compared to only 71%, globally to benefit from mobile technologies. These processes include IT management, sales and marketing, HR and customer services – all in an effort to accommodate emerging work trends, including the use of mobile and consumer technologies.
  • Notably, results show that 91% of surveyed companies in Malaysia can identify more than two benefits of the impact of employees using personal computing technologies on company culture. The top two benefits directly impacts employee productivity by way of increasing employees’ commitment to proactively address work problems and working remotely on-the-go.

Businesses that have embraced emerging mobile and consumer technologies, and have established progressive policies and business processes to support them, are seeing a measurable impact and positive results on profitability, product development and employee satisfaction.

Mac Ghani, Country Manager, Avanade Malaysia

“The nature of work and how business gets done is going through a transformation. Consumer technologies in the workplace are a significant catalyst for this transformation, especially in Malaysia where we’re already seeing employees using smartphones and tablets for both basic and advanced business functions,” said Mac Ghani, Country Manager, Avanade Malaysia. “Executives are capitalising on the opportunity these technologies offer by adjusting business processes and updating policies with measurable results in areas such as customer service, profitable growth, happier employees and bringing new products and services to market faster.”