Sourcefire Introduces Dedicated Advanced Malware Protection Appliance in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, 26 February 2013 - Sourcefire, Inc., a leader in intelligent cybersecurity solutions, today launches its dedicated Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) appliance in Malaysia which allows users to defend against sophisticated network malwares from the point of entry, through propagation, to post-infection remediation.

Expanding on Sourcefire’s AMP offering portfolio, this new dedicated appliance is built on the industry-leading FirePOWER™ platform and provides increased deployment flexibility for organizations needing immediate protection against advanced malware.

Ivan Wen, the Country Manager of Sourcefire Malaysia shares that enterprises’ networks are constantly evolving and expanding to accommodate business needs. And, attackers are taking advantage of any gaps to permeate a network and accomplish their mission.

Interactive dashboards provide real-time analysis of your organization's malware threats, affected hosts and users, and identifies the applications and protocols being used to deliver malware.

“Given today’s threat landscape, advanced malware detection and protection discussions should extend beyond blocking/prevention and highlight security intelligence, analytics, incident detection/response and lessons learned,” according to Jon Oltsik, Senior Principal Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. “Organizations need to shift from tools that are mere gateways to an enterprise network security approach for better protection against a broader range of threats and vulnerabilities over time.”

Launching the most comprehensive AMP solution to the market

Wen shares, “The new launched AMP appliance delivers network protection with the capability to create forensic fingerprints of files to identify known malware, tracks file movement and identifies attack targets for focused remediation.”

“Using Sourcefire’s big data analytics, our solution also delivers continuous file analysis and retrospective alerting, so that users can be notified of malicious files that have entered their environment, even if they were previously classified as safe. Users can see how malware enters, infects and moves through an environment, and can then respond decisively to threats and quickly remediate. Sourcefire is the only vendor to address all of these dimensions of the advanced malware problem.”

In addition to the new dedicated appliance, Sourcefire offers AMP for FirePOWER as a license option for Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention Systems and Next-Generation Firewall solutions. Customers also have the flexibility to easily increase protection in the future by enabling application control and additional security functionality on the same device.

“Thwarting attacks isn’t just about blocking but also about using retrospective security to mitigate the impact once an attacker gets in. Sourcefire’s threat-centric approach to security gives organizations continuous visibility, analysis and control across their environment and along the full attack continuum – before, during and after an attack,” ends Ivan.