Tata Communications Feb 2013 Updates

According to Wikipedia, Tata Communications Ltd is an Indian global telecommunications company located in Mumbai. It owns a submarine cable network, a Tier-1 IP network, and also rents data center and colocation space. It operates India's largest data center in Pune.

Having these information in mind, it helps us to understand where Tata was coming from and where they are moving into.

To the lowest level, they are leasing infrastructures to facilitate telecommunication and IP networking.

In order to understand how far outreach they have conquered, let's first look into what are their existing products and solutions. To facilitate this analysis, we take information directly from their corporate web site. We do not intend to analysis things from a financial perspective.

The products and services are grouped into three categories; 1.) enterprise, 2.) service provider and 3.) SME.

In terms of enterprise, its products and services cover networking, media & broadcasting, data center, collaboration, contact center, security and professional services.

As for service provider, it covers analog networking, IP networking, voice, mobile, data center and even business transformation.

For SME market segment, it covers Internet broadband services, SaaS, VoIP and domain & hosting.

So do all these ring a bell ? It is very much similar to what Telekom Malaysia (TM) has to offer except that TM is very much focusing on Malaysia and is the national telecommunication provider.

One of the company's most recent objective is to focus on emerging markets. In March 22 2012, Tata published a survey about potentials of emerging markets.

They key finding of the survey is that due to business growth opportunities available in emerging market countries such as China, India, South Africa, Middle East and etc), there is great demand for intense communication in any forms to and out of these countries.

To accomplish such demands, the survey found that communications and digital infrastructure make up of 11% of challenges which needed to be addressed.

In June 2012, Tata launched an offering which provides global low latency network targeting financial tradings between Asia countries and US and U.K.

In Nov 2012, it was named Best Asian Wholesale Carrier at the 2012 Capacity Awards.

More recently, it has been aggressive towards offerings of managed services for mobile network operations. This was seen as a move to meet the demands of mobile 4G adoption globally.

On Feb 6, 2013, Tata announced that it is extending its global business video ecosystem with a new interconnection agreement with AT&T. The agreement enables even more face-to-face collaboration around the world, across each respective network. With this latest in a series of interprovider agreements, Tata Communications’ Global Meeting Exchange™ network provides connections to most of today’s major providers of Telepresence services, offering customers unprecedented reach for their business video networks.

On Feb 18, 2013, Tata announced that it has launched a 18-month intensive trial to deliver one of the industry's first complete LTE Roaming Services to Mobile Network Operaitons. The LTE Roaming Service is designed to eliminate the interconnection and interworking complexities of global LTE roaming.

On Feb 21, 2013, Tata announced that it has launched the world's first cloud-based policy management solution for mobile network operations to create differentiated mobile data services quickly and with significantly less capital investment.

Finally on Feb 22, 2013, Tata announced that it has established a strategic voice solutions agreement with UPC wholesale, under which Tata Communications will provide UPC Wholesale with access to its IP voice switching platform and associated support systems.

This provision will enable UPC Wholesale, the European carrier with true local presence and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Liberty Global, Inc., to integrate its different existing voice networks into one single, next-generation platform, saving costs which UPC Wholesale can pass on to its customers.

Tata even ventured into cloud computing arena providing InstaCompute - IaaS and InstaOffice - SaaS, partly contributed by its strong command off data center presence.