Asus Launches All-in-one Transformer AiO PC Cum Tablet

The people:

Ms Vanessa Ng, Market Development Manager of Intel.
Ms Elly Yeoh, Country Product Manager of ASUS,

KL, Mar 27, 2013 - The ASUS all-in-one Transformer AiO PC Cum Tablet is a nice looking computer albeit very presentable one. It is also a dual operating system system - Windows 8 and Android; this means that one does not need to buy Samsung tablet anymore for most Malaysian who are familiar with Windows operating system.
ASUS all-in-one Transformer AiO

It comes with 3-years warranty support which includes on-site support for one-to-one replacement - consumers are not expected to perform DIY component replacement since it is based on the concept of of all-in-one box as compared to the much popular PC which the CPU tower comes separately with the monitor in particular.

The ASUS Transformer AiO combines a host of hardware and software innovations, these include:
  • Sensational audio performance - DTS Surround Sensation UltraPC II, ASUS SonicMaster Optimization, Exclusive Wired Subwoofer.
  • Sensational visual immersion - 178 degrees wide viewing angle, Blu-ray, Full HD.
  • Smart Usability - Plug n Play TV, Side panel USB 3.0, Multi-touch support, ASUS cinema

It comes with 4 variants:
  • ET2013IGKI (RM 1899) - Intel Pentium, Windows 8 64 bits, non-touch, graphics=AMD HD7470M (1GB),WiFi
  • ET2220INTI (RM 2799) - Intel i3, Windows 8, touch screen, graphics=NVIDIA GT 630M (1GB),WiFi
  • ET2300INTI (RM 4049) - Intel i5,Windows 8 64 bits, touch screen, graphics=NVIDIA GT 630M (2GB), speaker with subwoofer, WiFi
  • ET2701INTI (RM 5199) - Intel i7,Windows 8 64 bits, touch screen, graphics=NVIDIA GT 630M (2GB), speaker with subwoofer, WiFi, LAN
Ms Vanessa Ng (Market Development Manager of Intel)
and Ms Elly Yeoh (Country Product Manager of ASUS)

It primarily targets home usage where it caters for all members of the family. For example, the children are able to use it as a tablet for games. The mother and grandmother will find it useful as tablet in the kitchen to help with cooking such as live-streaming a cooking lesson or looking up a recipe. The father and grandfather may be able to use it for typical computing tasks such as emailing and etc via Windows 8 or Android.

Hypothetically, these members in a family may also switch roles while using the same machine, such as the father playing angry bird using Android late at night, grandfather does cooking using Android in the afternoon, children do homework using Windows 8 after lunch and mother and grandmother watch TVs after dinner.

In a typical family, most likely there is just going to be one PC shared by all family members. Hence the concept of Transformer AiO is really to help with possibility of a sharable family tablet - it is really quite too big to put in the schoolbag.

Of course, it is also suitable for business needs such as on the reception table, in the board room, as P.O.S terminal and etc.

And let's not forget that it is Windows 8!

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