IT Trends Analysis Week 3 of Mar 2013

Very exciting time indeed. This analysis attempts to explore digital lifestyle trending between BYOD, security and mobile Internet that have emerged recently.

If we pay attention to what have emerged, BYOD is the biggest trend driver. Security solution companies all acknowledged that it will give rise to some security threats in some ways. Hence, security solution companies proposed to at least implement some sort of MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution; some like Fujitsu even offered one-stop managed mobile device solution.

This will generate a thrust towards the industry where enterprises and SMEs will adopt BYOD in a greater way while implementing security solution to mitigate risks associated with such adoptions. This will be good for security companies.

At the same time, it also means that consumers (at work) will get to enjoy less freedom towards personal mobile lifestyle and hence most will find ways to rebel. As a result, it generates opportunities for telecommunication providers to offer better packages for mobile Internet, possibly encouraging consumers to adopt additional mobile devices just to cater for personal usage while at work. In other words, if your enterprise is going to stop you from going Facebook at work, and if you have to do it anyway, go get a new mobile device with data plan and use it secretly during lunch break or toilet break.

This in turn will be good news for service providers and mobile device manufacturers.

It will also generate good feng-shui for mobile app providers as well as those dealing with stress management & counseling and hospitality because digital lifestyle can be stressful during its peak  - people may need to resort to having more vacations during weekends and holidays.

Not too bad for the economy before the to-be-announced election.

Please consult your consultants for more details.