Developers Updates Week 1 of Apr 2013

In the last updates series (week 1 of Mar 2013), the most interesting update was Blackberry launched BlackBerry 10 applications challenge.

For this updates series, the followings had emerged.
  • DNA published that DiGi issues Hackathon challenge to developers.
  • Intel releases SDK for OpenCL Applications 2013 supporting the OpenCL 1.2 standard on 3rd and future 4th generation Intel® Core™ processors.
  • Progress Software expands Big Data connectivity with new HiveServer2 and Cloudera support.
  • Intel delivers new range of developer tools for gaming, media.
  • Oracle Announces Oracle Event Processing for Oracle Java Embedded.
  • AMD delivers unified gaming strategy at GDC 2013.
  • Aviary provides SDK for its photo editing tool on Windows 8 platform optimized for AMD accelerated processing units (APUs).
  • Evernote announces Devcup 2013 - March 11th-June 29th, 2013 in San Francisco, CA.
  • SAS provides educational industry with free web programming environment for its Base platform. 
  • Intel strategies to capitalize on mobile software market in Africa. 

DNA, Apr 3, 2013 - DiGi issues Hackathon challenge to developers

DNA published that DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd is inviting mobile application developers and designers to participate in its HACK!@DGCFC event to be held from April 5-7 at the company’s headquarters in Shah Alam.

Organized as part of the second phase of DiGi Challenge for Change (DGCFC), the event is touted as the “the only hackathon in town that is platform agnostic,” allowing developers to develop on Android, Window 8, HTML5, BlackBerry 10 or iOS platforms.

Joachim said that the program offers a cash prize of RM25,000 (US$8,060) per winning developer and offers an opportunity to connect with the mobile app development ecosystem, for future app development opportunities.

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Bedford, MA, Apr 2, 2013 - Progress Software Expands Big Data Connectivity With New HiveServer2 and Cloudera Support

Progress Software Corporation, a global software company that simplifies and enables the development and deployment of business applications, today expanded its leading Big Data connectivity capabilities with the availability of new ODBC driver technologies that make it easier to leverage the newest and most powerful data warehousing applications. With new support for HiveServer2 and Cloudera CDH 4.1 Hadoop distributions, Progress® DataDirect Connect® XE for ODBC 7.1 reduces complexity for developers while enabling fast, reliable and secure access from multiple data sources.

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Intel, Apr 2, 2013 - OpenCL SDK 2013 Supports OpenCL 1.2 and Future 4th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors

For cutting-edge visual computing applications, Intel today released the Intel® Software Development Kit (SDK) for OpenCL Applications 2013 supporting the OpenCL 1.2 standard on 3rd and future 4th generation Intel® Core™ processors. General purpose programing using OpenCL, coupled with the hardware acceleration capability of Intel HD Graphics, helps provide better performance and improved battery life on low-power Intel Core platforms running Microsoft Windows* 7 and 8 operating systems. The SDK is ideal for content creation applications like video editing, music creation, and photo editing. Developers can now download a free copy of Intel SDK for OpenCL Applications 2013.

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Interestingly, Adobe also recently collaborated with AMD to penetrate Windows platform where the former will optimize its software products on the latter's GPU chipset based on OpenCL standard.  

Redwood Shores, Calif. – Oracle Announces Oracle Event Processing for Oracle Java Embedded

Oracle today announced the availability of Oracle Event Processing for Oracle Java Embedded, a smaller footprint version of Oracle Event Processing tailored for deployment on gateways.

Oracle Event Processing for Oracle Java Embedded is designed and optimized to meet the unique requirements of gateway devices in order to handle large volumes of data coming from implementations such as industrial and building control, e-health, smart grid and home automation that need support for edge devices like wireless modules for Machine to Machine communication (M2M) and environmental sensors.

Oracle Event Processing for Oracle Java Embedded is fully integrated and certified with Oracle Java Embedded Suite and is a key component of Oracle’s complete, “device to datacenter” platform for simplifying and accelerating the implementation and deployment of M2M solutions and services.

Oracle Event Processing is a software which provides a rich, declarative environment for developing event processing.

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Game Developers Conference (GDC), San Francisco, March 27, 2013 – Intel Delivers New Range of Developer Tools for Gaming, Media

Debuting at GDC 2013 were new graphics capabilities for forthcoming Intel HD Graphics platforms that are accessible through DirectX* extensions. The first of these extensions, called PixelSync, provides access to underlying hardware that allows programmers to properly composite partially transparent pixels without the need for an expensive sorting operation. Game developers have long awaited this capability in order to more realistically render smoke, hair, windows, foliage, fences and other complex geometry and natural phenomena.

In support of the company's efforts to make experiences with computing devices natural, intuitive and immersive, the production release of the Intel® Perceptual Computing Software Development Kit (SDK) 2013 is now available. With this release, developers can now make their applications available commercially. When used with the Creative* Interactive Gesture Camera, the Intel Perceptual Computing SDK 2013 enables developers to add human-like interaction to computers in the form of close-range finger or hand-tracking, speech recognition, facial analysis and augmented reality that has applications for gaming and beyond.

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SAN FRANCISCO, Mar 26, 2013 - AMD Delivers Unified Gaming Strategy at GDC 2013

AMD today introduced AMD Radeon™ Sky Graphics, the cornerstone of AMD’s industry-leading cloud gaming platform.

It is part of the AMD Unified Gaming Strategy - by working with industry-leaders like CiiNow, G-Cluster, Otoy and Ubitus, AMD has developed flexible cloud gaming technology and designed a solution that enables game developers and service providers to deliver a world-class content experience to millions of gamers whether it’s through PCs, tablets, Smart TVs or mobile devices.

Developers who are keen on platform optimization will find this amusing.

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SUNNYVALE, Calif., Mar 18, 2013 - AMD Collaborates with Aviary to Bring APU-Optimized Photo Editing Application to Windows 8

Aviary released an optimized version its new software development kit (SDK) for Windows 8 to take advantage of unique AMD APU architectural advantages - a strategy to penetrate Windows platform market further.

Using this SDK, software developers get to integrate photo editor into applications.

Aviary is known for its popular photo editing tool.

This initiative is backed by an investment through AMD Ventures.

To get a preview of how powerful Aviary’s new Photo Editor is, download the windows 8 version from the Windows Store.

SINGAPORE / AUSTIN, 14 MARCH 2013 – Evernote announces Devcup 2013

Evernote is kicking off Devcup 2013 at the South by Southwest Interactive festival, where some of the most creative technology minds in the world gather every year!

The Evernote Devcup challenges developers and designers from around the world to build well-designed products that extend the functionality of Evernote across major platforms, helping users to capture, share, and recall all of the most important things in their lives.

Last year, over 2,000 developers and designers participated in Devcup, building hundreds of great apps. This year Devcup will be going even bigger, visiting new countries to generate interest in the competition, and offering more prizes with a US$20,000 top reward.

To encourage even more innovative products and to reach more developers, Evernote has added two great partners: Honda Silicon Valley Lab and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Startups. This gives Devcup participants access to cutting edge technologies that will help them build the next generation of great Evernote apps.

To help developers envision and implement great ideas, the Evernote team will be holding hackathons and meetups around the world. In Asia, the Evernote team has already planned events for Beijing, Seoul and Tokyo - with more cities expected to be added over the coming months. Individuals who think that they have the programming or design skills to compete but aren’t sure what to build can look at 2012’s entries and highlights on the blog.

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CARY, NC (Mar. 06, 2013) – SAS® Web Editor: easy, no-cost SAS® programming for professors, students

SAS Web Editor, a Web-based tool for writing and running SAS code. Available at no cost to these educators and their students, SAS Web Editor requires no software installation. Users simply connect to a website to access code, files, projects and libraries, anytime and anywhere.

Available through SAS OnDemand for Academics, SAS Web Editor supports multiple browsers including Safari, letting Mac users take full advantage of the new offering.

It is available on iPads® that support iOS 6 or greater - it provides access to a Base SAS programming environment. The Base environment is analogous to Microsoft's VBA (which uses VB script), Base uses mainly SQL.

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Intel, Mar 6, 2013 - Mobile Software Development in Africa

Intel is working on initiative to promote mobile software development in Africa which is considered as an emerging market.

Mobile adoption among emerging markets is poised to grow significantly in the coming years, which will connect new populations of people with mobile technologies for the first time. For many in emerging markets, a smartphone will serve as their first computer. As in the case of Africa, it has and always will be a mobile first continent.

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