Men please don't buy, it won't hold your roughness

Codenamed Floral Kiss, Quickie host Megan Tan described Fujitsu Lifebook CH702 as feminine and classy.

"[The lifebook] is decorated with some crystal embellishments," quipped Megan.

It only comes with limited number in Malaysia.

It is meant for non technical person.

The weight is really light. Comes with a sensor touch PC startup button, suitable for ladies with long fingernails.

Only two colors available for Malaysian market, pearl white and girly pink.

Female's social media's needs - Floral Kiss comes standard with a number of convenient, fun and original applications that users can enjoy in their daily lives. For example, DIARY and SCRAPBOOK.

With DIARY, users can create their very own diary by automatically storing and organizing Facebook and Twitter posts as well as photos they have downloaded to the computer—all in chronological order. This is a convenient way to make a diary from information that is casually shared with friends.

SCRAPBOOK automatically stores and organizes pictures and URLs of the items, retail stores, recipes, and other content that users come across when they are casually browsing the web. The application also allows users to create theme-based collages for saved content such as web captures.
Content can easily be managed as a digital scrapbook, and users can perform quick comparisons of their favorite stores and products for even greater convenience.

Intel i5 and Windows 8 64 bits.

What else ???

Market price is RM 4299, it also comes with 0% easy payment installment program for 24 months available. It will be available for purchase through a specially designed online pre-order program at with an easy 24-month credit card installment scheme option.

This price tag also includes availability of pouch, mouse and carrying case.

That is right, the Lenovo's Thinkpad series laptops are so ugly.

Macbook pro ? That is not Windows-based.

Floral Kiss is as powerful a Windows 8 laptop and yet elegant.

I am a man, a man and man... think think think... - what women want ???

Good hearted boyfriend ? --> Yes.

Balance & healthy lifestyle ? --> Yes Yes.

A balance dose of feminine --> Yes Yes Yes.

Yap Yean Yean, Senior Market Development Manager, Fujitsu PC Asia Pacific Ltd. says, “This ultra stylish Fujitsu Ultrabook is developed in an all-out pursuit of elegance – from every detailed design of the model, to its luxuriously embodied cover, accessories, mouse, AC adaptor and other peripheral devices.”

“Today, women account for nearly half of all PC purchases. This lightweight 1.45kg LIFEBOOK CH702 is born from the desire of Fujitsu’s female employees to create a powerful computing device that women would find appealing, and that brings elegance to their work.”

Ms Yap Yean Yean (Senior Market Development Manager of Fujitsu PC Asia Pacific Pte Ltd)
& Ms Megan Tan Yue Mei (TV Host)

For potential buyers to own Fujitsu Lifebook CH702 is like bathing using bathing puffs and strawberries shower gel and to be able to radiate the feminine of Megan Tan, Quickie host.

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