Fantasy Premier League Managers Can Now Fully Manage Their Own Fantasy League

Most sports fans are familiar with fantasy games, but English Premier League (EPL) fans are not exposed to the premium commissioner fantasy league system; as it is only implemented in popular American sports like American football and baseball. However, EPL fans too can jump on the bandwagon as the EPL edition is now made available worldwide.

FanXT’s Fantasy EPL Commissioner is a league system which offers avid fantasy EPL fans a chance to not only have a league, but customize the settings of the league to make it uniquely their own, as opposed to following standard fantasy league formats.

Users can choose to have either the default settings or use the many tools and options available in order to tweak the fantasy league to their own whim and fancy. For example, users can set limitations on budget, transfers per game week, number of players from a club per team (say, only five players maximum from Manchester United and Arsenal each), and maximum number of teams in the league. League commissioners can also allocate custom scoring points for shots on goal, assists, saves and more; as well as set player positions (Petr Cech as a defender may be interesting) and even their valuation – making players more affordable or even higher value.

Communication among friends in the league is equally as important as having a league itself, therefore league commissioners and their participants would find the built-in message board useful to relay important updates or simply to encourage each other, or even blow their trumpets! Notifications are also available for changes within the league and the English Premier League; in addition to the latest feeds of live score, results, standings, fixtures in their league.

It’s about time fantasy football get serious about their game and go one step higher from just managing their fantasy leagues to being the creators of their unique league.