GoDaddy Edit Mailbox Advanced

For GoDaddy's users only.

The intention is to perform email forwarding - to forward a copy of email from GoDaddy mailbox (webmail) to other email addresses (i.e Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail).

First of all, it cannot be done by just login into the webmail, it can only be done by login to GoDaddy's Account Manager - login from GoDaddy's homepage.

The official method is described here or here.

The issue which confused me was that I couldn't find the 'Advanced' tab as described - in fact, there is no 'Advanced' tab, so don't go about looking for it.

One should instead lookout for 'Send copy to:' option under 'Email' tab.

Launch the Email Control Center

Select the email address to perform the email forwarding and click 'Edit'

Under 'Emai' tab, check 'Send Copy to:' and enter the email addresses.

I believe that this issue is caused by GoDaddy's reality of having constantly updates its products' features and interfaces - and the documentation just couldn't keep up with.

One can also install the 'desktop notifier installer' to get real-time alerts about incoming emails for GoDaddy mailbox -  download it from webmail under 'Tools' tab, click 'Notifier', after that, just follow instruction to install it and setup the mailbox.