Cybercrime Exposed: Cybercrime-as-a-Service

by Raj Samani (VP and chief technology officer for McAfee, EMEA)

While we have seen a surge of cybercrime attacks in the past few months, McAfee has new details on why we are seeing a huge rise in the number of for-hire or “as-a-service” attacks.

In the paper Cybercrime Exposed by Raj Samani, Vice President and CTO of McAfee EMEA, McAfee exposes the shift that has placed cybercrime in the hands of everyday people.

Today’s cybercriminal doesn’t need to be extremely tech-savvy or even require technical equipment to carry out an attack. There is a new underground marketplace that is selling cybercrime as-a-service, and making any type of online attack available for the masses.

In effect, the as-a-service underground marketplace is industrializing and enabling cybercrime for the masses.

From renting services to buying emails lists for a small sum, the types of exploits that are now available with a click of the button – like DoS attacks for $2 an hour, complete with Live Chat customer service reps or simply purchasing Facebook likes – are shocking:

  • Crime-ware as a service - Identification and development of the exploits and materials need to carry out an attack
  • Research as a service - Acquires intellectual property such as email address and personal data
  • Cybercrime Infrastructure as a service - Development of service that can support cybercrime operations ranging from DoS attacks to sending out unsolicited emails
  • Hacking as a service - Outsources the entire attack for you- from research to infrastructure

With these types of cybercrime services available to anyone with a credit card, please find attached the report summary and let us know if you have any interest in receiving the complete McAfee paper to learn more, and possibly speaking with a spokesperson to gain additional insights into the current cybercrime marketplace.

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