Developers Updates Week 4 of July 2013

In the last updates series (Week 4 of June 2013), the most interesting update was that Oracle launched new Java platform Enterprise Edition 7 (Java EE 7).

For this updates series, the followings had emerged.
  • Registration opens for BlackBerry Jam Asia 2013@Hong Kong, Sep 2013.
  • World’s first cross-border Silicon Valley / Bangalore hackathon unveils ‘The Future of Collaboration’.
  • Oracle introduces the “Make the Future Java Program” for JAVA developers.
  • Google: Startups from many nations join together at Blackbox.
  • Ericsson continues to strengthen in Silicon Valley.
  • Trend Micro launches new intern program, offers Cyber Security scholarships, performance incentives.
  • Oracle: Latest Java Extends Support for Mobile & Cloud.
  • Red Hat advances OpenShift Enterprise with new release.
  • CloudFare uses a combination of PostgreSQL and Kyoto Tycoon to perform almost real-time data replication.
  • PreEmptive Solutions adds exception analysis to Visual Studio 2013.
  • Intel® System Studio extended to Linux* embedded app developers.
  • Microsoft showcases developer opportunity on Windows Azure, Windows devices.
  • Windows 8.1 preview now available.
  • IBM offers big data capabilities for DB2 via BLU Acceleration.
  • In-vehicle infotainment gets boost from new Microsoft exFAT file system deals.
  • AMD explores Heterogeneous System Architecture standard at APU13c

Jul 29, 2013 - Registration Opens for BlackBerry Jam Asia 2013@Hong Kong, Sep 2013

Registration for BlackBerry Jam Asia 2013 in Hong Kong is now open. This year’s conference will take place on 26-27 September 2013 at AsiaWorld-Expo, Hong Kong.

BlackBerry Jam Asia 2013 is one of the events for developers and key partners who are keen to understand how they are able to create applications and content for BlackBerry 10, and at the same time to gain insights on how to monetize their applications. During BlackBerry Jam Asia developers will get in-depth development training, business strategy sessions and networking opportunities that can help you build and perfect your BlackBerry 10 apps.

Qualified developers will be determined by BlackBerry using applicant information from the registration system. If a developer has already received a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha C device at a previous event or from BlackBerry, the developer will not be eligible for this offer.

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Mumbai and San Francisco – July 19th 2013 –World’s first cross-border Silicon Valley / Bangalore hackathon unveils ‘The Future of Collaboration’

On the back of two days of intense innovation, Tata Communications has unveiled the winning entry of the world’s first simultaneous Silicon Valley and Bangalore hackathon. Entitled, ‘Interactive Place’, the winning technology represents the evolution of web browsing and was created by a team of developers in Bangalore. The concept gives a new dimension to web surfing by allowing users to easily interact with other users on the same web page using video and text through their browsers. This breakthrough has the potential to revolutionise the way we gather and consume information on the net, making searching the Internet a truly social and collaborative experience for all.

Hot on the heels of Tata Communications’ recent jamvee™ launch (next generation global video collaboration), the hackathon was aimed at further developing the future of collaboration, using WebRTC. During the two-day hackfest nearly 200 developers in both countries worked together to innovate next-generation open-standard collaboration tools.

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Jul 19, 2013 - Oracle Introduces the “Make the Future Java Program” for JAVA Developers

Oracle today launched the “Make the Future Java” for Java developers.“Make the Future Java” is a series of programs and activities for Java developers around the world to share their enthusiasm for Java, increase their technical capabilities, network with other community members and possibly be recognized for exemplary uses of Java.

The Make the Future Java Summer Workshop targets 13 to 18 year olds with an interest in Java programming. Oracle Academy staff members will help participants learn the Java programming language, using the award-winning Alice visual 3-D educational tool.

Currently, over 100 events are scheduled in 47 countries around the world.

In addition, the Make the Future Java Global Celebration hub provides a forum for Java community members to promote their Java EE 7 events and engage with the worldwide community by sharing videos, contributing blog content, Tweets using #javaee7 and Facebook photos.

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Jul 18, 2013 - Ericsson continues to strengthen in Silicon Valley

Ericsson today announced that it will base its Head of Business Unit Support Solutions, and member of the company's Executive Leadership Team, Per Borgklint in Silicon Valley.

In past years Ericsson has built a significant base in Silicon Valley with special focus on Internet Protocol (IP) development for its successful Smart Services Router (SSR) as well as a part of its technology group driving Cloud and software defined networking (SDN) strategy. Once finalized, the acquisition of Mediaroom, will also add significantly to Ericsson's presence in Silicon Valley.

Business Unit Support Solutions develops and delivers software-based solutions for operations and business support systems (OSS and BSS), real-time enablement, multi-screen and on-demand TV, compression and M-Commerce .

In total, Ericsson has some 15.000 employees in North America of which more than 1,100 are in Silicon Valley. Once completed, the acquisition of Mediaroom will bring approximately an additional 300 employees to Ericsson in the United States.

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Jul 18, 2013 - Trend Micro Launches New Intern Program, Offers Cyber Security Scholarships, Performance Incentives

Trend Micro today announced a new global internship program today. Inspired by CEO Eva Chen, the initiative will offer a behind the scenes look at a global pioneer in security and privacy technology. These interns – known as, "TrendTerns" – will also have the opportunity to earn academic scholarships and other performance incentives while gaining real-world experience.

The global program encompasses six to eight weeks during the summer with opportunities to return to Trend Micro for shorter winter breaks during the academic year. They will learn about product development of security and privacy solutions, as well as the latest developments cyber threats. The interns will also be active in social media – blogging, tweeting and posting on Facebook as they chronicle their day through the hashtag "#trendterns."

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Google - Jul 15, 2013 - Startups from many nations join together at Blackbox

Blackbox Connect brings founders from top accelerators around the world to take part in a two-week, fully immersive program where they live and work at the “Blackbox Mansion” in Silicon Valley, collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs, investors, experts and executives from the Silicon Valley community. They then return home to their native countries to scale their big ideas.

Selected teams:
  • Inpris (from Campus Tel Aviv in Israel)
  • Melusyn (from Le Camping in France)
  • Avocarrot (from Campus London in U.K.)
  • EgzoTech (from the Google for Entrepreneurs Krakow Program in Poland)
  • Eyedeus Labs and TunaCode (from P@SHA in Pakistan)
  • Instabug (from Flat6Labs in Egypt)
  • MyDoorHandle (from 88mph in South Africa)

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Jul 11, 2013 - Oracle: Latest Java Extends Support for Mobile & Cloud

Oracle has delivered new releases of its Java Development Tools and Framework. Oracle Application Development Framework, Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse enable developers to rapidly and efficiently build multi-channel -- Web, cloud and on-premise -- applications, while providing a richer end-user experience.

  • Support Cloud Application Foundation product family 12c releases, Oracle WebLogic Server 12.1.2 and Oracle Coherence 12.1.2, also announced today;
  • Extend support for REST, JPA/EJB business services and HTML5 technologies;
  • Provide improved support for Maven for simpler build and continuous integration.

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Jul 10,2013 - Red Hat Advances OpenShift Enterprise with New Release

Red Hat today announced advancements to its award-winning, private Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering, OpenShift Enterprise. OpenShift Enterprise 1.2 is now available for deployment within on-premise datacenters or in private, public, or hybrid clouds with updated pluggable technology cartridges and other enhancements

With OpenShift Enterprise and the company’s recently announced, commercially available public PaaS offering, OpenShift Online, Red Hat is the only enterprise software company with public and private open source PaaS offerings.

OpenShift Enterprise 1.2 is available immediately in North America, the United Kingdom, Continental Europe, and to select customers in Asia and Latin America, with plans for global availability in the coming months.

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CloudFlare Blog - Jul 8, 2013 - Using combination of PostgreSQL and Kyoto Tycoon to perform almost real-time data replication.

Any request from users are first stored into PostgreSQL as a request data. It is then transferred to Kyoto Tycoon - a lightweight database server - for the purpose of replicating the request data to other databases with the longer delay observed as 3 second only.

The challenge is in moving data from PostgreQL to Kyoto Tycoon effectively by minimising failure rate; a process known as reconcilation.

It used to be carried out by using customized backend application that periodically read the database and perform the operations necessary to reconcile the two systems.

Nevertheless, the new PostgreSQL's foreign data wrappers (FDW) feature now allows updating external data sources using PostgreSQL transaction capability on database trigger; COMMIT and ROLLBACK.

The moral of this story is that if we can perform database transaction capability:ACID guarantee on database triggers, then there is no need to make use of external backend application to perform reconciliation.

Nonetheless, we still need a way to reconcile failed attempt when external databases are not online; to perform re-triggering on backlogs. It also means that Kyoto Tycoon supports data reconciliation automatically with maximum delay of 3 seconds and that is why it is needed in solving the challenge.

Both PostgreSQL and Kyoto Tycoon are open-sourced database technology.

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Jul 1, 2013- PreEmptive Solutions Adds Exception Analysis to Visual Studio 2013

Microsoft announced that PreEmptive Solutions' new PreEmptive Analytics and Dotfuscator CE will be included in Microsoft Visual Studio 2013, which means PreEmptive's instrumentation capability and configurable rules engine will be part of Microsoft's flagship integrated development environment (IDE).

Leveraging PreEmptive's application analytics and protection solutions, development organizations help to improve application quality, user satisfaction and development ROI across modern distributed and increasingly heterogeneous computing architectures. - See more at:

Developers will have the option to download API support for Windows RT, Windows Phone and JavaScript, as well as Java, Android and iOS applications.

Dotfuscator is the Microsoft's technology for obfuscation.

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Jul 1, 2013 - Intel® System Studio Extended to Linux* Embedded App Developers

Intel is expanding its Intel® System Studio to developers creating applications for embedded Linux* operating systems. Intel System Studio for Linux* gives developers deep insights into hardware and software performance, enabling them to speed up the development and testing process, enhance code stability and boost power efficiency and performance of Intel® Xeon®, Intel® Core™ and Intel® Atom™ processor-based embedded and mobile systems. Intel System Studio is also available with JTAG Debugger which provides advanced system debug capabilities that help system developers accelerate time-to-market and strengthen reliability of these increasingly complex embedded systems.

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SAN FRANCISCO — June 27, 2013 — Microsoft showcases developer opportunity on Windows Azure, Windows devices

  • Build cloud services for devices on Windows Azure.
  • The availability of the Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Release Preview, which extends Windows 8.1 technologies and provides additional flexibility to meet the needs of industry devices was announced.
  • PayPal’s software development kit, now generally available, allows developers to integrate the payment experience for 128 million account holders into a Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8 app.
  • Microsoft also demonstrated the developer productivity enhancements of the .NET 4.5.1 runtime that enable developers to build applications for devices and cloud, while also extending their existing line-of-business applications.

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SAN FRANCISCO — June 26, 2013 — Windows 8.1 Preview now available

Microsoft Corp. today announced the immediate availability of the Windows 8.1 Preview, the next update of the Windows operating system, at the company’s developer-focused Build conference. As part of the conference’s keynote speech, the company outlined the reach, design and economic opportunities for developers to build differentiated, touch-based apps for the Windows platform, including new developer tools and increased support.

  • Redesigned Windows Store
  • More monetization opportunities
  • Leading experiences
  • Bing as a platform
  • Releases of Visual Studio 2013 Preview and .NET 4.5.1 Preview
  • Windows Phone developer opportunity

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ARMONK, N.Y - 26 Jun 2013 - IBM offers big data capabilities for DB2 via BLU Acceleration

IBM announced strong client and business partner support for the new version of its DB2 database software, now generally available. The new software -- which represents the work of hundreds of IBM developers and researchers in labs around the world -- adds game-changing technology called BLU Acceleration that makes it simpler, more economical and dramatically faster to analyze massive amounts of data.

BLU Acceleration covers features such as: dynamic in-memory technology; to process both row-based and column-based tables simultaneously within the same system; integration with IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Dynamic Cubes; the ability to take advantage of both multi-core and single instruction multiple data (SIMD).

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REDMOND, Wash. — June 19, 2013 — In-vehicle infotainment gets boost from new Microsoft exFAT file system deals

Microsoft Corp. today announced patent licensing agreements with automotive technology companies Audiovox, Continental, Harman and LG Automotive for the use of its Extended File Allocation Table (exFAT) file system.

The advanced capabilities of Microsoft’s exFAT technology allow automotive technology companies to meet increasing consumer demand for connected cars that let drivers and passengers transport media between all their favorite devices — even their automobiles.

exFAT is the modern file system of choice due to its ability to facilitate large files for audiovisual media and enable seamless data portability between electronic devices.

Microsoft offers flexible intellectual property (IP) licensing programs that give companies access to many of the foundational technologies in its products, allowing those companies to build devices, applications and services that work seamlessly with one another.

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MALAYSIA, Kuala Lumpur, 9 June 2013 –AMD Explores Heterogeneous System Architecture standard at APU13

AMD and industry leaders delved into key market trends regarding next generation software and computing experience development, the emerging Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA) standard, and the latest in the use of industry-standard application programming interfaces such as OpenCL™, Microsoft DirectCompute and C++ AMP.

In February, AMD announced two new additions to the conference agenda including a much-requested gaming focus: the 2013 AMD Game Developer Summit. This addition will showcase the latest GPU and APU technologies and their inclusion in the most widespread or next-generation gaming platforms across mobile, tablet, PC, online/cloud and console.

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