EMC Elevates Data Protection Strategy With Sweeping Array of New Products

In today’s dynamic business environment, data is a key differentiator when it comes to long and short term decision making and business efficiencies. Despite this, more than half (52%) of businesses surveyed across Asia Pacific and Japan only review backup and recovery plans after a disaster strike. By this time, businesses have already lost 484GB of data, experienced 2 business days of downtime and lost an average of 32,000 man hours in the year.

The sheer growth of data, combined with evolving data protection technology have resulted in organizations falling into the chaos of an “accidental architecture”.

Stressing on the need for a robust protection storage architecture and a single, consolidated platform for effective data management, EMC launched a full range of capabilities that deliver 4x performance, 10x scalability with enhanced Data Protection Suite and deeper storage and virtualization integration.

The key tenets of EMC’s Protection Storage Architecture are:

  • Protection Storage: As the anchor of the architecture, storage needs to be cost- and capacity-optimized with high data durability that can deliver disaster recovery, backup and archive. To avoid creating silos of protection storage, the platform must support multiple protocols and integrate with multiple data sources.
  • Data Source Integration: Backup and recovery needs to be fast and at the same time, internal customers want visibility into the protection of their data. The protection storage architecture leverages both the optimized data flows and user interfaces of the data sources: hypervisor, application and storage. The data sources deliver optimized protection performance because they can track the data as it changes.
  • Data Management Services: Analytics on infrastructure utilization as well as reports for compliance regulations are essential to adding value and convincing customers to adopt their services.
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