Tata Communications launches Jamvee

London & Mumbai – July 9th 2013 – Tata Communications today unveils jamvee ̶ a multi-device compatible, on-demand video conferencing service, delivered through the company’s fibre optic cable ring around the world.

Unlike existing over-the-top solutions that rely on the Internet to connect users with their video bridges, jamvee is built on Tata Communications’ Tier 1 network, ensuring maximum reach globally and reliability, and crisp, hassle-free video meetings.

Bringing together laptops, tablets, smartphones and telepresence suites, the cloud-based jamvee service makes video conferencing as easy as audio conferencing for today’s mobile, international workforce, both within and across organisations.

Lack of interoperability, consistency of connectivity per location, complicated price plans and the need for third party reservations have stood in the way of truly global enterprise collaboration.

With jamvee, Tata Communications aims to facilitate collaboration in global enterprises by making video conferences easy and on-demand, and by bringing together all video platforms, devices and operating systems in a simple pay-as-you-go service.

According to Gartner, collaboration technologies are amongst CIOs’ top 5 priorities this year, however true collaboration requires interconnectivity and interoperability. As part of Tata Communications’ mission to catalyse the development of new interconnected and interoperable collaboration technologies, the company will host the world’s first cross-border Silicon Valley / Bangalore Hackathon this weekend. During the event over 200 developers in both locations will work together to innovate next-generation open-standard, web-based collaboration tools.

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