6 Ways To Truly Enjoy Fantasy Premier League With Your Friends

So the 2013/14 EPL season is dawning upon us, and it’s the time for us fans of fantasy football to rev up the good ‘ol engines to get our fantasy teams running in the good ‘ol fantasy game we’ve gotten so used to. Or is there more? Let’s face it; there have been times when you wish you could change up the game to add some spice into the game you so dearly love. So here we’ve compiled some ways you can engage in fantasy football without wondering if you’re going to be stuck with the same old game for the rest of your life:

1. Running your own Fantasy EPL game

But you have always been running your own game, right? Wrong. You’ve just been ‘managing’ leagues that the fantasy game provider has been putting you in charge of all the while. While some idly accept that; what’s stopping YOU from running your own; one that sets yours apart from thousands of others? This is precisely why we have commissioner fantasy games around, for you to do just that – having a fantasy league with your own brand; by having your league’s unique URL (bestleagueever.epl.fanxt.com, anyone?) for a change. Take a look at this Fantasy EPL Commissioner, http://fantasy.epl.fanxt.com/commissioner

2. Setting up the league to represent your personality

So you’ve got your own brand of a fantasy Premier League game. You can’t just stop there; so what’s going to make it different? Yup, you guessed it, embellishment. Specifically, you need to decorate your fantasy game with stuff like a logo or banner, a colour theme and site background. Extra points for creating your own (contrary to popular belief, image editing skills not necessary – there are a wealth of online image editors); but there’s no harm asking a friend for help - a little effort goes a long way.

3. Be the game-changer

While most people bow to rules, you reach out and bend it with an in-your-face attitude. So what’s stopping you in the fantasy Premier League world? Nothing, that’s what. You should tweak the transfer limits, overall budget and start of the league - a small effort that’s worth the big change in how you play fantasy games.

4. Adjust your scoring system

The three-point scoring system is fine and dandy; but you’d want your team to get more rewards for a great achievement (100 points for a hat-trick, perhaps?). Sure, we all have precious seconds in our lives that we might not want to use on setting up leagues – but think about just how much less than an hour of adjusting points for appearances, goals, defending and cards can greatly improve your fantasy EPL experience for the entire season!

5. Communicate

Let’s face it, we all love a little company – better yet if among people whom we share an interest with. Make an effort to keep the league message board alive with updates of changes and asking league members’ opinions. Not just that, you could also compliment and congratulate high achievers; or have friendly jibes or smack-talk to up the competitiveness. At the end of the day, you and your league members will build a bond that has you looking forward to fantasy EPL sessions.

6. Offer Prizes or Trophies

Everybody loves recognition; and what better way to get people on your league excited with you than to offer goodies for their achievements? It can be as simple as putting up a congratulatory message or image of the season’s winner, to more personal and heartfelt act of hosting and event and giving out memorabilia. Some would even go to the extent of awarding trophies and plaques with the winners name engraved. In a nutshell, anytime there’s a prize to be won, it always gets more exciting and competitive.

7. Additional Changes

There are many other ways to make your league more exciting, but there are too many to list. Some others that deserve to be mention are listed below.