WeChat launches on BlackBerry 10 OS

Kuala Lumpur, 28 August 2013 – According to the Mobile Internet Consumer Report 2013, the mobile Internet industry is a young industry where users in SEA consist of 50% of below 24 years of age - it is evergreen and vibrant due to teenagers moving up the age ladder.

On Jan 2013, Tencent announced WeChat 1.0 For RIM's Blackberry - a simplified version of WeChat.

Today, Tencent announced the launch of WeChat for the new BlackBerry® 10 OS platform.

Designed for the re-invented and re-engineered BlackBerry 10 OS platform, WeChat for BlackBerry 10 integrates with BlackBerry Hub providing a seamless user experience. Free to download, the app allows users to text each other, swap voice messages with its “Hold to Talk” feature, and share images. Included in WeChat for BlackBerry 10 are animated emoticons and the location-based service to meet and find new friends.

WeChat also comes with comprehensive privacy setting functions, enabling users to adjust their security levels as needed.

With the introduction of WeChat on BlackBerry 10, WeChat further extends its reach to business users and consumers and demonstrate its commitment to provide a new and innovative way to communicate.

With over 100 million registered user accounts worldwide, WeChat is the most downloaded mobile social app in many markets.

WeChat for BlackBerry 10 is now available on BlackBerry® Z10, BlackBerry® Q10 and BlackBerry® Q5 smartphones and can be downloaded for free on BlackBerry® World.

This news is most interesting because in Apr 2013, we performed an analysis on the proliferation of IM apps for mobile and it was concluded that BlackBerry's messaging app (BBM) was the one which had got all of these started in the first - had Blackberry made BBM available for all platform back then - before the launch of iPhone - the smart phone world would have been different now.