Google wages war against illegal online marketing, SEO and etc

For many years since 9 years ago, people emailed me requesting for links exchange and etc.

Now, this blog received emails from the same people requesting for removal - it is quite annoying actually.

It turns out the following to be true.

Referring to the link schemes guidelines from Google.

1.) Unnatural comments - need to enable comment moderation.

2.) Unnatural links - other people shall not create link to your sites without your knowledge, only the web owners shall create contents and request to be published on other web sites with incoming links.

In other words, it is better not to link to other web sites even if you find something interesting. If you have to, get the permission from the content owners.

Alternatively, just do the followings:
  • Adding a rel="nofollow" attribute to the tag
  • Redirecting the links to an intermediate page that is blocked from search engines with a robots.txt file

3.) Press release - what about press releases ? Can anyone give me guidelines ? Can I publish press releases without informing the content owners ?

With all respect to Google, I feel that they should allow the whole Internet community ample time to adapt to these requirements -  people have been doing link exchanges since the beginning of Internet search engine revolution, since 1995 I believe so. Personally, I feel that for those who are not involved with 'illegal' SEO activities, it is just ain't fair to label them as 'unnatural' overnight with steadfast changes to certain policies.

I respect what Google is trying to achieve in order to clean up the Internet and to exert more manageability onto the vast universe of the Internet. Nonetheless, please give people more time to adapt to it. Local workshops should be conducted all over the world to educate people on this new directive.

And with my utmost utterly humbling opinion, it is totally unjust to label remote link posts as low-quality -  it is quite a bully.

This is quite life changing!!!