Email Interview with McAfee's Scott Thomas (Sr. Director, Network Threat Response)

We've been invited for an email interview with McAfee's Scott Thomas, Sr. Director, Network Threat Response and hence we asked them five questions:

1.) The latest security landscape is kind of messy - too much information, too many vendors and limited market for the enterprise space and lack of maturity in law enforcement pertaining to cyber-space security.

What is your comment on this?

How can it be better?

2.) The bet on APTs was too high.

Verizon DBIR 2013 reported that 75% of data breaches are opportunistic, meaning that they are not APTs. While big cyber-security companies and other big boys are betting high stakes on holistic enterprise security solution with intelligent, consumer-based products seem to be too competitive.

Do you think that there is a mismatch in the market?

3.) I understood that McAfee - DeepSAFE technology is hot on wheels.

Briefly expiain your top selling products currently and next bet for coming years?

4.) Give me your other comments on our 2013 Q3 review.

5.) Anything interesting for Malaysia and ASEAN?

Check out the full answers.

I've learned a few things from Scott's answers:

1.) The going forward strategy and direction for the cyber security industry is to address problems with holistic solutions, this can be achievable through 3 sub strategies namely:
  • Create interoperable and vendor agnostic solutions that encompass best of breed technologies to address the cyber threat.
  • Leverage on community and partnerships between vendors.
  • Deliver solutions to maximize the value of existing customer investments, reduce time to problem resolution, and lower operational costs

2.) The Security Connected framework enables integration of multiple products, services, and partnerships for centralized, efficient, and effective risk mitigation - it is a good example of the vendor agnostic integration initiative.

McAfee has 3 offerings that support this initiative:
  • McAfee’s Network Threat Response (NTR)
  • McAfee’s Cloud Analysis and Deconstruction Service (CADS)
  • McAfee’s Advanced Threat Defense (ATD)

3.) The holistic approach covers everything; it supports vendor agnostic integration initiative, intelligence, advanced heuristics, visibility and profiling of network traffic based, malware analysis,policy enforcement,quick remediation and automated response, automation and etc.