Symantec’s Top Tips and Best Practices for Consumers on Information Protection:

Endorsed by Symantec:

1.) Defend Your Data

A comprehensive security suite provides a strong defense against online threats. Norton 360 Multi-Device offers protection for PCs, smartphones and tablets, in a single solution

2.) Think of Mobile Devices as Mini-Computers

Mobile is the fastest-growing target for cybercriminals. Make sure your mobile device requires a password, and take precautions to ensure you device is protected against theft, loss and cybercrime

3.) Be Cautious in the Cloud

While cloud storage solutions make it easy to save and share files, they also open other avenues for attack. Be careful about who has access to your files, and use a solution with built-in security if possible

4.) Save Sensitive Transactions for Secure Connections

Free or unsecured Wi-Fi networks can make it easy for thieves to eavesdrop on your activity. Avoid doing any sensitive transactions like banking or shopping while connected to these networks, or use a personal VPN client

5.) After You Connect, Double Check 

Check credit card and bank statements regularly for fraudulent transactions, and report any suspicious activity to your provider and/or law enforcement

6.) Have a strong password

Create complex passwords which include a combination of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols, and change your passwords regularly. Consider using a free password manager like Norton Identity Safe, to eliminate the hassle of remembering multiple passwords while keeping your personal information secure

7.) Protect Your Social Network 

Don’t blindly click on links within your social network and avoid clicking on any dubious content you may see with sensational, attractive titles. Norton Safe Web for Facebook application is a free tool that uses site rating technology to scan people’s Facebook news feeds for malicious web links