Choosing the Right Mobile Broadband Plan

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Broadband has already made a lot of breakthroughs in the tech industry. Who would have thought that a small dongle could carry a very strong connection? It has already made people become more efficient and productive. Internet has gone through an exciting transition, from dial-ups day up to mobile broadband portability and quick access.

How to Choose?

Choosing the best broadband plan can be a bit challenging, especially with so many features that ISPs offer. In choosing the right broadband plan, there are things that have to be considered:
  • Data- The amount of data depends on the actual usage of the subscriber. Users who are into gaming and streaming should get plans with higher connection speeds. Users who simply wish to browse and check emails, on the other hand, should get standard broadband plans.
  • Coverage- The area must be covered well by the internet provider to get the right speed.
  • Price- This will also depend on the usage of the subscriber. It is best to check the broadband packages that correspond with usage.

Here are some of the ISPs in Malaysia that offer different broadband packages. See which package meets your needs:
  • Maxis
    Maxis are one of the most affordable broadband deals in Malaysia. It has no activation fee and comes with a free 3G dongle. It comes with the 4G connection option, works at a speed of 7.2 Mbps, 1 GB quota and has a short contract period of 12 months at RM 18 per month
  • P1
    The minimum contract period that the ISP requires is only 6 months with reasonable premature service termination that could cost around RM 100. It has a speed of 1 Mbps, 2 GB quota, RM 100 activation fee, a free dongle and additional 1 GB at RM 10 and 3 GB at RM 20 quotas. The plan monthly fee is RM 39. P1 also offers a get-your-money-back deal for those experiencing performance issues with the service.
  • Yes
    Yes has a RM 100 registration fee and RM 50 monthly advance for the connection but will be rebated by the first bill. It has a speed of 20 Mbps, a currently updated quota of 2.5GB. Yes also offers additional quotas; 256MB at RM 10, 512MB at RM 15, 1GB at RM 20, and 3GB at RM 55. Subscribers can choose from 12 and 24 months contract with a monthly fee of RM 48. Yes also offers 4G with the same contract periods.
  • U Mobile
    U Mobile has the fastest internet speed for a non-contract plan. It has a 7.2Mbps Mobile Broadband MB 40, a 2 GB quota, RM 100 activation fee, and 1.5GB quota at RM 1 that is valid for three days.
  • Digi
    Digi is a good non-contract broadband choice. The provider offers a low monthly rate at RM 33. It has an advance payment of RM 50 and will be rebated in five months. The broadband plan has 700 Kbps speed, 3GB quota with no modem included. It is suggested to get additional quotas because the speed of this plan decreases to 128 Kbps once it has reached 3 GB.