Fantasy Premier League Best Kept Secret

By FanXT

When someone mentions a fantasy commissioner game, you’d probably think of American sports - English Premier League (EPL) may not be the first to pop up on your mind. Not to worry, you’re not the only one. Fantasy Premier League Commissioner is a relative newcomer in the scene, breaking out of American markets to cater to the large and still fast-growing user base in fantasy football (soccer) games. Yet, it had already garnered quite a following, with positive reviews from EPL Talk and, just to mention a few.

In fact, fantasy EPL managers are really missing out if they aren’t already on the game. The commissioner system offers highly customizable features not found in any other fantasy game for EPL:

1. A unique league URL and customized interface

The commissioner system offers each league its own subdomain, so users can easily share their league details, in addition to having a sense of ownership of the league. They can also enhance their league with unique logo and banner, colour theme and site background.

2. Adjust league settings

Users are given leeway to set the transfer limits and overall budget to suit their members’ tastes and experience levels, even decide upon the start of the league.

3. Set the scoring system

The system lets users decide the points to be earned for each action, i.e. appearances, goals, defending and cards, enabling users to reward their members if their players score exceptionally well (like 15 points for a hat-trick, for example).

4. Message board and notifications

Users can build bonds and update each other on the built-in message board. Users also get notifications of transfers, injuries and other status-related information, a handy addition to keep track of the league.

5. In-game additional features

On top of it all, there are some recent additions that enhance gameplay:
  • Change Formation: Choose between 4-3-3, 4-4-2 and 5-3-2 formations.
  • Top 5 Players: See the top 5 players for each position right on your league home page.
  • Owned By Percentage: Check how many fantasy managers have chosen each player.
  • Upcoming Fixtures for Each Player: Check players' 5 upcoming matches in their profile page.
  • Point In Field: While you manage your team, you can also see their points. The points will be shown to your players only.

So essentially, the Fantasy Premier League Commissioner is still a little-known fantasy game, but the only ones who lose out are those who haven’t come across it yet.