Kaspersky 2013 Cyber Security Overview

Press release - Kaspersky - Dec 5, 2013

Worldwide landscape trends recorded:
  • Exposure of cyber-espionage related activities involving government agencies
  • New “old” cyber-espionage campaigns live on - Red October, NetTraveler, IceFog and MiniDuke
  • Bitcoins used heavily for cyber-espionage and cyber-terrorism activities

Enterprise trends recorded:
  • Spyware-led attacks related to various governments were revealed
  • Most cybercriminal incidents were aimed at stealing information
  • Attacks on contractors were identified, instead of reaching big organizations
  • New actor on the APT stage appeared: cyber-mercenaries conducting cyber-espionage on demand

A survey conducted by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International found that 91% of the organizations polled suffered a cyber-attack at least once in the preceding 12-month period, while 9% were the victims of targeted attack.