McAfee Cyber security forecasts for 2014

Press release - Dec 30, 2013

Today, McAfee Labs released its annual 2014 Predictions Report, analyzing 2013 trends through its proprietary McAfee Global Threat Intelligence (GTI) service to forecast the threat landscape for 2014.

In the upcoming year, McAfee Labs expects to see the rapidly growing mobile platform draw the lion’s share of threat innovation, with ransomware expected to proliferate on mobile devices.

McAfee Labs also predicts that attacks using advanced evasion techniques will come of age, and social platforms will be used more aggressively to target the finances and personal information of consumers, and the intellectual property and trade secrets of business leaders.

Here are some of the main trends McAfee Labs foresees in 2014:
  • Mobile malware will be the driver of growth in both technical innovation and the volume of attacks in the overall malware “market” in 2014
  • Virtual currencies will fuel malicious ransomware attacks around the world
  • In the spy vs. spy world of cybercrime and cyber warfare, criminal gangs and state actors will deploy new stealth attacks that will be harder than ever to identify and stop
  • “Social attacks” will be ubiquitous by the end of 2014
  • New PC and server attacks will target vulnerabilities above and below the operating system
  • The evolving threat landscape will dictate adoption of big data security analytics to meet detection and performance requirements
  • Deployment of cloud-based corporate applications will create new attack surfaces that will be exploited by cybercriminals