Sophos Threat Report 2014

Press release - Dec 11, 2013

Sophos today released its latest Security Threat Report. The report outlines trends for 2013 and prediction for 2014. For year 2013, cyber criminals continued the theme of professionalization of their ‘industry’, offering easy to buy and use services that amplified the scale of cyber crime to never before seen levels.

In the comprehensive reports, please pay attention to a few key highlights of 2013:

1.) Malware evovled in 2013

2.) Botnets Grew in size and stealth

3.) Android Malware mutated and got smarter

4.) Linux attracted criminals - large numbers of malicious PHP scripts that inherited features of botnet were detected

5.) Many small attacks on Mac OS X platform

6.) Web-based malware became more sophisticated, diverse and hidden

7.) APTs on Financial industry

In the report, it was mentioned that Sophos invested heavily in detecting and blocking websites that host exploit kits and malicious content.

The techniques used rely heavily on proactive approach with enhanced intelligent that leverages on big data technology.

They had this to say on safety net strategy: "For the rare occasions when every protection layer fails, we’re adding another final layer of defense: runtime detection."

In 2014 Sophos predicts greater focus from cyber criminals on high quality and convincing phishing and social engineering to compensate for harder to exploit operating systems like Windows 8.1; embedded devices (such as POS systems, medical systems and new ‘smart’ infrastructure) will open old wounds as security mistakes eliminated in the modern PC environment are carelessly re-implemented; attacks on corporate and personal data in the cloud will continue to grow as providers struggle to refine the security strategy in this new computing platform; and malware for mobile is set to become as sophisticated as its PC relatives.