Creating a robotic car using Netduino controller (Windows Platform)

This project explores creation of Bluetooth controlled car using a Netduino controller and a Windows Phone as a remote control - to scare away rodents in the house.

Netduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on the .NET Micro Framework. It uses a 32-bit ARM-microcontroller.

Core components of the project:

Component diagram

1.) The motor driver module (order online)- to power the motor actuators

2.) Serial bluetooth module (order online)- connects to Netduino controller on 3V3 and GND pins

3.) The Netduino controller (any model, or online) - serves as motherboard and the brain - programming of firmware is required.

4.) The firmware is written in c# and to be deployed to the Netduino controller.

Create a Micro Framework project from Visual Studio - after you have installed the Netduino SDK, a Netduino Application template should be made available under Visual Studio.

The main function of the firmware is to accept commands from the external controller - a windows phone - the commands consist of direction of the motors,speed of left motor, speed of right motor.

The second core function of the firmware is to support communication between the windows phone and the controller via Bluetooth - via socket.

For first time Netduino coder, check out the following tutorial.

5.) The Windows phone will run a standard Windows Phone 8 application.

As the author pointed out, the most challenging part of the code is to work out the speeds of each motor based on how much it is turning - this requires some theory on Physics.

"The way I have done it is that when turning left, the left motor will always be 100%, but the more left they turn, the slower the right motor will turn. So moving the thumbstick 20% left will set the left motor at 100% and the right motor at 80%. Moving the thumbstick 70% left will set the left motor at 100% and the right motor at 30%."

The assembled project using 3D printed frames


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