Oracle Offers In-Memory Applications for Oracle's PeopleSoft

Oracle Malaysia announces the availability of In-Memory Applications for Oracle’s PeopleSoft.

With the new capabilities offered by the new Oracle’s PeopleSoft In-Memory Applications, CFOs and finance executives can vastly improve their ability to make strategic decisions early in the financial period. This insight can help organizations increase their profits, avoid obstacles and improve their return on asset.

In my opinion, the In-Memory technology was largely made popular by SAP HANA.

In layman terms, In-Memory works by loading and manipulating large amount of data into the RAM. For most business applications, relational database serves as the core interface between the application and the host (CPU) for data channeling - when the app requests a data from the database, the database encapsulates all low level processes from the app and returns the data requested.

In other words, for applications to adopt In-Memory capability, the key is to leverage on an In-Memory capable database per se.

All the big boys have it now; SAP, Greenplum and Oracle - it is the latest trend.

The benefits of adopting In-memory capability allows high speed data processing and caters for business decision-making up to real-time speed.

From business application's perspective, In-Memory capability can be adopted in two methods:

1.) Oracle Database In-Memory Option -

It comes in the form of a new in-memory column store format to speed up analytic, data warehousing, and reporting workloads, while also accelerating transaction processing (OLTP) workloads.

It is harder to appreciate what In-Memory can help with Oracle's database performance because the business world has known it to be highly efficient, reliable, secured and resilient.

Nevertheless, by simply enabling Oracle Database In-Memory, existing applications are accelerated without requiring any changes.

2.) Oracle Engineered Systems -

Basically, if one is to remember, Oracle Engineered Systems is referring the best of breed in terms of hardware and software working together in a harmonious stack.

Hence, the Oracle In-Memory Applications on Oracle Engineered Systems means respective applications have been reengineered from ground up to take advantage of Oracle Engineered Systems which are In-Memory capable.

These applications are referring to Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, Oracle PeopleSoft, Oracle Siebel, Oracle E-Business Suite, and Oracle Hyperion.

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