EventNook - Web Based Event management With Ticketing Feature

EventNook is fairly easy to use, it is a web based event management with ticket feature.

It targets consumers, companies and professionals who wanted to organize events, invite people to the events through the platform whilst supporting the capability to sell ticket for the events online.

Cool features:
  • Choose payment options to sell tickets
  • Customize registration form with drag and drop
  • Direct integration with Google analytics
  • Direct integration with Paypal - credit card payment is supported through Paypal
  • Single sign-on integration with Facebook

Sign-up for free, create events, invite attendees and generate tickets. Event's tickets can be classified as free or paid.

Public relation firms should leverage on this platform to manage their press events.

All payments are carried out through Paypal; check out the pricing, FAQ and their blog.

What I like best about it is the simplicity; just anybody can learn and do it and right away !!!

EventNook payment setup page