Security for the Internet of Things by Cisco

In a recent article by Ammar Hindi, Managing Director APAC, Sourcefire now part of CISCO, he wrote that that the Internet of Things (IoT) has expanded the potential attack surface with its exponential growth to approximately 10 billion connected things — with an expectation of 50 billion by 2020.
Ammar Hindi, MD, Cisco APAC.

Hence, a good and effective way to mitigate these risks is to view security is to look at the network and defences from the view of an attacker and rather than assuming it might not happen -- assume it has already and set the plans accordingly.

Mr. Hindi stressed the importance of managing 'silence' security threats that run in the background or 'usual suspect' security loopholes that are happening on daily routines which can be manipulated as backdoors by perpetrators. 

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